The truth about London’s Heygate by Lendlease

A recent Sydney Morning Herald feature on urban renewal in London shone an interesting and quite revealing spotlight on a high profile project with a major Australian connection.

Young planners leaving in droves? Here’s what they think

Frustrations with the planning system, a lack of support and community distrust are causing planners to bow out early and pursue other careers, but these young planners are hopeful that with the right vision, things can change.

The NESS is dead. Finally!

Finally the spectre of a National Energy Savings Scheme (NESS) has been removed, freeing up the states to get on with rolling out variations on current successful state schemes.

Can some infrastructure harm urban productivity?

There’s been a lot of chat about “infrastructure” recently: what it is; its transformative potential; what benefits might flow and to whom; how to fund it; who should own it.

We’ve failed the Great Barrier Reef

At a Senate Estimates hearing this week, it was revealed that as much as 50 per cent of the Great Barrier Reef has died following back-to-back bleaching events. Simon Black…

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