Presenting the flood-resistant house

As climate change impacts worsen, how we build homes will need to change to protect against hotter temperatures, higher sea levels, and increased storm severity, fire and flood risk.

How to avoid an energy-sucking, defective apartment

In a market where defects abound and energy performance is often below minimum standards, how can you avoid buying an apartment that turns out to be an uncomfortable energy-guzzling or defective…

Warming up to climate-sensitive design

With 2016 achieving the unenviable title of “world’s hottest year on record” and 2017 already seeing a onslaught of heatwaves in Australia, what are some of the sustainable design features…

7 ways we can turbo-charge retail sustainability

Shopping centres are some of our biggest energy guzzlers, but in recent times have been moving towards a greener future. Here’s seven ways they could continue to push.

Nightingale 2: no parking OK with VCAT

The Nightingale Model had a major win on Friday with zero car parking for its apartment development in Melbourne’s Fairfield finally getting the tick of approval.