Construction & Development

Presenting the flood-resistant house

As climate change impacts worsen, how we build homes will need to change to protect against hotter temperatures, higher sea levels, and increased storm severity, fire and flood risk.

New timber performance research hub launched

The University of the Sunshine Coast will host a new timber centre that aims to develop a predictive model for specifying the right timber for any construction application.

AIRAH: Blower door testing should be part of NCC

There is a clear economic case for blower door testing of building sealing to be incorporated into the National Construction Code, according to research just released by AIRAH’s new Building…

The Corkman will need to be rebuilt

The Victorian government and the City of Melbourne today (Thursday) said they would take joint action in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to force the rebuild of the Corkman…

Cool roofs and the heat island effect: the evidence is in

Dark coloured and bare metallic roofs are common and make up a sizeable portion of the urban fabric. And while they usually do a great job of protecting the building…