Rating tools


Green Star gets tough on emissions reductions

Buildings may soon be required to cut carbon emissions to 40 per cent below business as usual to qualify for a 6 Star Green Star rating, under sweeping changes now…


Ecolabels: the complexity behind the simplicity

I have sometimes fantasised about doing a PhD in sustainability leadership but I kept delaying, realising that a PhD requires a great deal of work and focus on the detail.…


New floor space standard could unlock more energy efficiency

A new international property measurement standard for calculating residential floor space could provide a reliable benchmark for energy efficiency and sustainability tools such as NABERS, according to the Royal Institution…

Apartments at Green Square, Sydney

NABERS for apartments finally sees light of day

The COAG Energy Council has agreed to fund development of a NABERS tool for residential apartments, meaning Australia’s fastest-growing property sector is finally on track to start slashing carbon emissions…


Goodman NZ and IAG achieve NABERSNZ first

Goodman Property Trust NZ and IAG, the major tenant of a Christchurch commercial office property, have together achieved the first whole building 5 star NABERSNZ rating.