Fed Square to host New Joneses’ micro house

The tiny house is getting sexier. The latest version of the movement to micro homes is a sleek and modern tiny house that will pop up as part of the…


Let’s Hack Housing: the policy dot points

Seven key policy agenda items emerged from The Fifth Estate’s Surround Sound on Housing: affordable/sustainable/innovative that can start to change the game for housing. They’ve been distilled from the event…

Melbourne apartment blocks

Victoria’s new apartments guidelines kick up a storm

The Victorian government’s new apartment design standards have been slammed – by the architects for failing to reverse the damage of free-for-all planning of the previous Liberal government, and by…

Professor Geoffrey London at the baugruppen information night.

The future of baugruppen is looking bright in Perth

HOUSING: Perth is setting itself up as a testing ground for an internationally successful co-housing model, with two baugruppen projects set to take off in the next few years.

Jason Twill speaking at the Let's Hack Housing Surround Sound

Jason Twill on making new affordable housing models work

Sydney should take lessons from global cities that have achieved success in creating affordable housing and provide adequate incentives to accelerate its progress, according to Jason Twill, innovation fellow at…


Why residential retrofits are failing in the UK

Retrofit projects to make homes more energy efficient are failing, especially within economies that rely only on financial values, according to the Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA).

The Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project

LandCorp unveils sustainable, affordable Gen Y house

Western Australia’s land development agency LandCorp has unveiled its Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project, a sustainable and affordable housing product aimed at younger buyers.