Infrastructure & transport


How we can move to a “car-lite” city

Fancy shooting off to a meeting on an electric scooter powered by a publicly available solar charger? It’s already do-able in Singapore, and could be part of the recipe for…

Antony Sprigg

Infrastructure conference signals a new era for ISCA

Silos are starting to dissolve in the infrastructure sector and whole-of-life thinking is going mainstream, according to chief executive of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia, Antony Sprigg, ahead of…


On yer bike – it’ll make you a happier worker

Reducing personal carbon emissions is not the only benefit of jumping on a bike to get to work. Recent research by Bicycle Network and Reid Cycles shows you’ll also probably…


The ACT wants public servants on e-bikes

Public servants in the ACT may soon be using e-bikes to get between meetings, following the announcement of a new ACT government initiative to promote sustainable and active transport.


High-speed rail? At $200 billion we’d better get it right

As an urban rail activist, academic and commentator, including a spell on Infrastructure Australia, I can say from the start I was delighted that we have a consortium prepared to…