How to build a garden city: Part 1

An ambitious new book is a thorough attempt both to tell the history of the garden city movement in Britain and to provide guidance on planning and creating such a city now.

Bondi Junction set for a sustainable upgrade

Leighton, Meriton and Westfield will work with Waverley Council to turn Bondi Junction into a more sustainable precinct as part of the council’s new Green Infrastructure Masterplan. The three property…

Market-driven compaction is no way to build an ecocity

As Melbourne hosts the Ecocity World Summit this week, we might ponder the progress of Australia, a “nation of cities”, toward achieving sustainable urbanism.

Creative city, smart city … whose city is it?

In 2007 US creative cities “guru” Richard Florida was flown up to Noosa to tell the local city council how they, too, could become a creative city.

Carbon impact of lighter roads not so cool

Having lighter, more reflective roads and walkways is often used as a strategy to reduce the urban heat island effect and cut energy costs, but research from the US’s Lawrence…

When a suburb’s turn for gentrification comes …

Those who value “multiculturalism” and “access to the city” as key markers of a vibrant, progressive city will find these attributes in the Melbourne suburb of Footscray.

We should create cities for slowing down

Peter Jackson employed an intricate approach to the stage design of Lord of the Rings. The people who inhabited Middle Earth for hundreds of generations slowly left cultural traces, alterations,…