Waste and recycling

We can’t recycle our way to ‘zero waste’

In the wake of the final episode of the ABC’s War on Waste, in which a dismayed Craig Reucassel canvasses Australia’s rubbish-related sins, the idea of “zero waste” is pretty…

5 sustainable fashion trends worth embracing

The old saying goes that when you feel good, you look good. And it’s far easier to feel good when you know what you’re wearing isn’t trashing the planet

Explainer: why we should be turning waste into fuel

The federal government recently announced that it is giving recycling company ResourceCo a loan of A$30 million to build two waste-to-fuel plants producing “solid waste fuel”.

SE Water delivers solar-powered wastewater innovation

Victorian-government owned utility South East Water is working to commercialise an integrated solar-powered pressure sewer system suitable for areas with unreliable or non-existent electricity supplies.

Circular cities and the closed-loop economy

Several cities have joined forces to chart their path to a future where they will create no waste and everything will be reused or recycled endlessly. Believe it or not,…

Zero waste: can we get there?

Following is an extract from our latest ebook, Office Waste: A Guide for our Future, created as part of the Greening Your Office series in collaboration with CitySwitch.

Office Waste: A Guide for our Future

In 2015 when CSIRO produced its seminal global megatrends report, Our Future World, its number one item was “more from less”.

New ebook: focus on greening office waste

How well do you know your waste streams? For many businesses it can come as a surprise what makes up waste streams from their buildings – whether it’s the volumes…