Event: Come to The Fifth Estate’s Flash Forum on Housing Affordability

Help us to craft a policy to send to federal Treasurer Scott Morrison ahead of this year’s budget.


  • Moderator former property editor at AFR Robert Harley
  • Grattan Institute CEO John Daley
  • Urbis Chief Economist Nicki Hutley
  • The federal Treasurer’s appointment to the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) board Adrian Harrington
  • SQM Research owner Louis Christopher.

Date: Tuesday 2 May, 5:30pm for a 6:00pm start
Location: Urbis, Tower 2, Level 23 Darling Park / 201 Sussex St Sydney NSW 2000

Price: $65

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Housing affordability is at the top of the national agenda. In Sydney and parts of Melbourne, housing has reached stratospheric prices that have put it out of the reach of many.

If this continues the impact could be immense – on our economy, our society and the health of our cities.

The upcoming federal budget is an opportunity for Treasurer Scott Morrison to change course and make adjustments to set us on a more sustainable path.

With this in mind, The Fifth Estate has invited a panel of the country’s top economists and housing market analysts to debate the best ways to improve housing affordability.

What’s the best mix of tools we can implement without unintended consequences, such as damaging the economy or the regions of Australia where affordability is not as big an issue?

We’re calling our Flash Forum “Let’s make housing affordable again, Mr Treasurer”.

Why a Flash Forum? Because we’re coming together at light speed to debate what needs to happen. So many budget decisions rely on the voices of the people and the strength of media views. And we want to make our voices heard.

We think we have a good chance of gaining traction. The event will be hosted by former AFR Property Editor Robert Harley, one of the most highly regarded property journalists in Australia.

On the panel are economic heavyweights including Grattan Institute CEO John Daley and Urbis Chief Economist Nicki Hutley.

We’ve even got a direct line to the Treasurer. Head of Funds Management at Folkestone Adrian Harrington is Mr Morrison’s appointment to the AHURI board and he organised for Mr Morrison to address an AHURI conference on April.

One of Australia’s most respected residential property market analysts, owner of SQM Research Louis Christopher, will also be there to provide a candid and honest assessment of the market.

Come along, join the debate and make your voice heard.

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