Al Gore on the great inflexion point

Ecocity2017: There might have been plenty of talent and unexpected insights on offer, but, let’s face it, Al Gore was the climate action superstar that everyone wanted to see.

Comic: Stuart McMillen on Energy Slaves

Cartoonist Stuart McMillen recently shared his comic Energy Slaves on The Fifth Estate, which looked at the human power needed to maintain our lifestyles. Now he has written a series of…

Can property survive the great climate transition?

As we become an increasingly urban species, urban resilience is emerging as a big deal. The idea is generating a lot of noise about how to develop or retrofit cities that can deal with the many challenges before us.

Creative city, smart city … whose city is it?

In 2007 US creative cities “guru” Richard Florida was flown up to Noosa to tell the local city council how they, too, could become a creative city.