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Listen to The Fifth Estate’s first podcast series, with new episodes released regularly.

Our managing editor Tina Perinotto has taken to the mic to chat to the people on the frontline with the power to address the big ecological, social and financial problems of our time.

We’ve called it “How to Build a Better World” because we want it to be about creating a future all humans can be proud of. Expect to hear from the powerhouses, the up-and-comers and the agitators who are driving change in the built environment, business and beyond.

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In the latest episode, Tina speaks to the incredible Sally Dominguez, who calls herself an “adventurous thinker”. She covers an array of topics, including her belief that hydrogen will be the fuel of the future, a future strategy she did for Ikea (that includes high connecting bridges in tower buildings so people could feel protected from a potentially menacing climate), her love of cars and why, and the kind of thinking that has made her known, above all, as an inventor.


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