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The Fifth Estate is fully independent. We have no other source of income other than advertising (just like  any other regular newspaper) and sponsorship of events in order to fund our journalism. There are no secret donors or magic puddings!

In 2018 we also launched The Green List to do two things: provide a marketplace where businesses can promote their goods and services to other businesses and consumers and also to help place this publication on a more even (and sustainable) financial footing.

It all helps but it’s not anywhere near what we need to provide the news coverage that’s urgently needed and that this industry deserves.

So if you can, please consider supporting us with a membership. You can choose an amount that suits your budget, starting from $10 a month for individuals and $20 a month for businesses. In return, we will try to provide you with benefits as they come along. For instance, discounts to our events, advertising on TFE and profiles on  The Green List

We are also provided with free tickets to industry events from time to time from our partners.

Give us a call on (02) 808 42291 or send an email to if you want to have a chat about this.

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