Gardening for ourselves and Earth

A couple of years ago I decided to leave Sydney and find refuge in a remote valley from what’s coming. This is the story of that failed escape and the refuge I find in gardening, still living in the city.

Time for a new broom, new pricing and law-abiding tribunal at Sydney Water

“The lawyer I respect most, a blind man on a galloping horse, can read every IPART report and conclude none of the tribunal members have read these sections or, if they have, have chosen to ignore them”. Pricing of NSW government water, transport and energy monopolies has failed. “Once we allow ourselves to be disobedient […]

Bathurst Burr: Merchants of doubt: how Earth is sold out

  By Michael Mobbs 29 April 2011 – Merchants of doubt: how Earth is sold out What if someone said to you at dinner: “Scientists are divided about whether the Earth orbits around the Sun, you know.” Would you reply? If you did, what would you say?¬ May I invite you to join such a […]