CitySwitch Awards 2021

The CitySwitch Awards on Thursday celebrated the best in green office sustainability in corporate Australia during a challenging year that showed that despite enormous disruption the people and businesses committed to better performance only doubled down. A keynote speech by social researcher Rebecca Huntley said there was growing momentum from business and governments alike for […]

US, Japan and China are coal’s biggest financial backers

The ANZ and National Australia Bank are the biggest Australian lenders to coal. Heading up the list for Australian investors in coal is Macquarie Group and Magellan Financial Group. The United States holds the most institutional investments in coal according to new NGO research into the world’s largest financiers and investors on the Global Coal […]

“Green” insulation not so green?

While the need for better green buildings is an urgent one, it is crucial to consider if the alternatives are any safer for the environment. Polymeric flame retardant PolyFR, an ingredient in an “eco-friendly” foam plastic insulation, could potentially be far more damaging to human health and the environment according to a new study, which […]

The latest in low carbon concrete

In an already emissions-heavy building sector, concrete and cement were linked to an estimated eight per cent of annual global emissions, according to a 2018 report from London think tank Chatham House.

Coal’s deadly legacy in Australia and the US

Australia, like the US is trying to stick to the coal agenda despite cleaner sources of energy making the fossil fuel irrelevant to our futures. COVID is now a known airborne killer but there’s another one at large that also attacks through the air we breathe: coal. A recent Greenpeace report found that in Australia […]

Landcom’s patterns for cooling the commons in Western Sydney

The heat is on for Western Sydney in more ways than one. Not only is the region expected to regularly hit 50 degrees in summer, it’s already done so. And yet it’s earmarked for major expansion of population. With a new report Cooling Common Spaces in Densifying Urban Environments the NSW government’s land development agency […]

What the gas industry is up to in Australia and the US

If you caught a glimpse of the ABC’s QandA on Monday night you’d see the Coalition government is hellbent on supporting the gas industry, such as proposing a gas pipeline from Western Australia to the eastern states regardless of what the science says or what the last fire season made abundantly clear.  So we’re taking […]

Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft under the greenwash spotlight

When it comes to sustainability, it’s hard to tell who is going green and who is just green washing. It’s easy for companies to talk a big game about sustainability. Some have even taken some major strides to change how their businesses operate. But just how green are these companies actually going? How green is […]

Finding the most adaptable urban trees for a changing climate

Researchers from the Which Plant Where project at Western Sydney University are taking a deep look at how urban trees can adapt to drought conditions to help keep cities green in the face of a changing climate.

Cows are so much happier now they’re less popular

Beef is a notoriously not very good for the planet. It produces nearly double the amounts of carbon compared with small ruminants such as goats or sheep. The good news is its consumptions is dropping. Get ready for more food to taste like chicken because the meat industry is getting a major shakeup. Global meat […]

Flexible workspace on the rise in Asia Pacific

In the face of ongoing uncertainty due to Covid, flexible office spaces are on the rise in the Asia Pacific region for the third year in a row.

Green Gigs and Gov tenders: WaterNSW specialist team, NSW forests, irrigation and school infrastructure 

Your guide to what’s on offer by way of government tenders this week. School infrastructure advising If you want to teach sustainable development, designers should go right to the source: schools. Queensland’s Department of Education is looking for its next Principal Consultants Panel to deliver new building solutions and refurbishment projects across state schools. The […]