Brad Draper: building Aboriginal social housing with long term sustainability in mind, and practice

INDIGENOUS BUSINESS SERIES: With his start up building company Aboriginal Sustainable Homes, Brad Draper, a Wiradjuri leader, legendary former rugby league player now businessman and racehorse trainer, has built a duplex that’s slashed maintenance costs, keeps temperatures stable and now he’s got a contract to do another 60. Time for a cash injection to scale […]

Michael Hromek on how to consider Indigenous thinking in design

Yuin man Michael Hromek says he’s got his dream job. He works as the technical executive of Indigenous design at WSP, a multinational engineering and design firm that specialises in infrastructure, buildings, and sustainability, and says it’s been steadily working towards a vision that includes Aboriginal design in all its work. Hromek says the company’s […]

The clash between business and sacred sites is far from over

Rio Tinto’s destruction of a 46,000 year old, registered Aboriginal heritage site, Juukan Gorge in May this year, has exposed the weakness of the Western Australian Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (Act).  But Aboriginal representatives say a newly drafted Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill 2020 probably won’t change anything; they’re not hopeful that Aboriginal heritage sites in […]