Beware the booming industrial sector and its poor carbon profile

The booming industrial sector is going great guns under Covid with people shopping more online and forcing up demand for more logistics space, but will the low carbon profile of many of these buildings as flagged by the Green Building councils of Australia and New Zealand potentially lead to unintended consequences. As the need for […]

So now it’s a myth that plastics are filling our ocean? Say what?

Australian Council of Recycling has placed the blame for excess packaging on consumers and says plastic pollution in the ocean is “a myth with no scientific basis” and that the “proportion of plastics in the environment is less than one per cent of all the plastic that is generated and used by us as humans on an annual basis”.  But this is not what the science says, nor the analysis.

What we need is a buyers group for decarbonised materials

There is no silver bullet to tackle the challenges of decarbonising the built environment, but an industry event held across Zoom on Monday heard we may be getting close to an answer. This year, against the backdrop of the climate crisis and a global pandemic, Monica Richter from WWF and Hudson Worsley and Ben Waters […]

Jeremy McLeod from Breathe Architecture and Nightingale Housing says we should all be carbon neutral now

Jeremy McLeod was a key signatory to the influential Architects Declare movement. He says sustainability might be seen as complex by some people but there are simple ways “that everyone could win”. Partnered content for Beyond Zero Emissions At the beginning of this year, Australia’s leading architects called on the wider industry to make a […]

Cbus Property aims for the top with its latest sustainability report

Cbus Property this week released its sustainability report outlining significant in-roads over the past 12 months and targets to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030. Since updating its commitment to sustainability in 2018, the company has achieved the highest-rated National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) energy portfolio in Australia. The Global Real Estate Sustainability […]

Queensland’s Container Recycling Scheme comes under fire

Investigations into Queensland’s Container Recycling Scheme have revealed “serious inadequacies” and a lack of transparency at the hands of the beverage industry. Last week, Total Environment Centre released a report with information from its own investigations, public data and the Queensland Productivity Commission highlighting two main issues, and calling for greater transparency and reporting, an […]

Green Wallet: A simple star rating to prove your spending is green

Everything we buy has a price tag on the environment. From your morning coffee to the new shoes bought for work, everything we purchase has a carbon footprint. For Tom Ferrier, founder of Green Wallet, a new way to make sustainable purchases, consumerism is at the root of climate change. In 2018, the United Nations […]

McKinsey and Company joins calls for green recovery

Recent research by management consulting firm McKinsey and Company has highlighted the emergence from the Covid-19 shutdown as a pivotal moment in the climate emergency. The team says the post-pandemic recovery is a “decisive” period that will either spur millions of jobs in the sustainability sector, cutting emissions, or generate significant consequences for the environment. […]

Government’s HomeBuilder handout doesn’t come cheap

Multiple rooms in the average Australian home would have to be significantly renovated to access the government’s $25,000 HomeBuilder grant, a program aimed at keeping the construction industry afloat as Australia heads into its first recession in almost three decades.