Winners of the NSW PIA’s 2019 Awards for Planning Excellence

An elevated train line and Greater Sydney’s first comprehensive monitoring and reporting framework were among the winners of the Planning Institute of Australia’s 2019 NSW Awards for Planning Excellence.

Paul Davy on South Australia’s sustainability champions

QUICK CHAT: “Irrespective of federal party lines or policies, the South Australian government finds ways through the sustainability maze,” Paul Davy tells The Green List.

Heritage buildings: Nothing to be afraid of

A “nice balance between raw original features and shiny new internals” can help occupants appreciate the original building.

5 examples of adaptive reuse, from Sydney to Shanghai

We aren’t used to seeing Shanghai and adaptive reuse in the same sentence but increasingly the city’s designers are seeking texture and richness to counter the everything-is-new gloss of the city.

The hidden value of old buildings

Demolition and re-building from scratch is neither realistic nor sustainable, while re-use can help combat climate change.

Councils combine to drive local recycling procurement

A coalition of NSW local councils have voluntarily set a target to recycle 45 million glass bottles into useful products each year in an effort to stimulate investment in the region’s recycling industry.

Engineering reloved buildings: the inside story

Building Codes and safety standards have come a long way in the past century but that’s no reason to write-off an existing building as too hard to bring up to contemporary standards, according to Umow Lai director, Ken Loh.

Sam Marshall and Jean Rice on how to re-love a building

Adapting and re-using a building is all about respecting what’s there and leaving space for the next person to do what they want to do, according to Sam Marshall of Architect Marshall.

Apartments: how to get help for your strata committee

Tonja Gibson, founding director of Strata Answers and board member of Green Strata, is on a mission to bring modern, green solutions to strata buildings – and not just in “woke” and affluent inner city communities but for the small, forgotten blocks in outer ring suburbs.

Re-loved warehouses: creative, cool and in demand

Warehouse conversions for apartments have been popular for decades but the rising appetite for co-working and shared office space is seeing a new wave of conversions.

Responsibility for plastic pollution starts at the top

If the corporate world wants to play a meaningful role in solving our plastic pollution crisis it should stop blaming consumers and start accepting responsibility for its packaging.

When NABERS becomes good friends with hotels

At last it seems there’s some serious traction on sustainable hotels. Hot on the heels of the new NABERS hotel tool, and the potential expansion of mandatory Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) for hotels, is some more encouraging news.

Coles trials zero waste to landfill… while sending a lot of waste to landfill

Every day, Coles’ Wentworth Point supermarket in western Sydney sends about six and a half shopping trolleys’ worth of rubbish to landfill but the store plans to cut that dramatically under an initiative by the grocery giant to find new ways to reduce waste in stores.

ANZ’s “awesome” leadership on 100 per cent clean energy

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ANZ) has become the latest Australian signatory of The Climate Group’s RE100 initiative, joining the likes of Atlassian and Bank Australia in the global transition to a zero carbon grid.

2019 Smart City Awards for a better Sydney

Urban wheelchair tracking technology, Transport for NSW’s Opal card system and a customisable strata app were among the winners this year’s Smart City Awards.