energy gamification

How can we stop building occupants wasting energy?

You’ve probably heard stories about pesky building occupants who just won’t go along with what the clever designers intended for their low-energy building. There has been much head-scratching about how…

Pools get energy-efficient makeover

Former technology advisor to the Prime Minister and NSW Government John Riedl was so concerned by the state of the national energy grid he came out of retirement and joined forces with fellow retirees Greg Irving and John Grill AO to a company that would tackle the huge energy consumption of household swimming pools.

coal fire station

Coal-fired power stations not okay

The government has again provoked the ire of renewable energy advocates this week, with Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg suggesting new coal-fired power stations may be welcomed as part of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG).

red sunset, Australian energy

The flip side of Australia’s dark energy past

There’s a flip side to the obscenely tough battles the renewable energy industry has been forced to weather during the dark climate-denying years of the recent past. Strangely, surprisingly and…

Cartoon: Blue Water, Green Water

A cartoon illustrating the “blue water” and “green water” methodologies of categorising water resources. Water resource management needs to consider a holistic approach to manage the different types of flows…

CARTOON – Part of Nature

Stuart McMillen works in behaviour change with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. He has an interest in environmental sustainability, and is the Brisbane event organiser of the international Green…

Australian climate risk software goes global

The Cross Dependency Initiative (XDI), a climate risk and adaptation analytics software developer, is scoring work at home and abroad from institutions, governments and asset owners looking to get hard dollars and cents insights on new or proposed assets.