2019: The bumper outlook report

It’s the end of the year and time for people to reflect, process and gear up for 2019.

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Fremantle jumps aboard timber office trend

Commercial offices are a “forgotten market” in WA for exploring sustainable building options. Now they’ve got a new timber building designed by Harris Jenkins Architects and Josh Byrne and Associates.

Striking the balance between smart and sustainable cities

Striking a balance between smart and sustainable cities

The Fifth Estate’s UK correspondent and prolific writer David Thorpe has a new book in the works, which is soon to be released. The following is an extract from his chapter about the role of sustainability in the smart cities revolution. 

A message to our readers December 2018

We know you know, publishing is tough, especially in these days of giants who seem to have shaken independent journalism to its foundations. But nearly 10 years after we started,…

On what China is doing with its tech and why we should care

China has technology that can scan a billion faces in one second. It’s using that level of technology to plan its cities and transport. It knows that cities are the powerhouses of the economy it wants.

Alarm bells over the loss of the world’s lungs, in Brazil

Scientists are hitting the panic button over the recent election of new Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, because it means around two-thirds of the Amazon rainforest are now under the control of a far-right anti-environmental regime.