On what China is doing with its tech and why we should care

China has technology that can scan a billion faces in one second. It’s using that level of technology to plan its cities and transport. It knows that cities are the powerhouses of the economy it wants.

Alarm bells over the loss of the world’s lungs, in Brazil

Scientists are hitting the panic button over the recent election of new Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, because it means around two-thirds of the Amazon rainforest are now under the control of a far-right anti-environmental regime.

Market Pulse: Architects on the move

The top names in architecture are branching into new markets to establish a firmer footing in Australia’s fast-growing capital cities. And they’re continuing to add capability in new disciplines such…

Ben Boyd Road House sustainable homes

Sustainable House Day shows budget is no barrier to green homes

The full spectrum of low-impact, low-carbon homes – everything from new builds through to eco-upgrades to existing dwellings – will be on show this Sunday for the Alternative Technology Association’s nation-wide Sustainable House Day event.