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Jack Mundey, the Liverpudlian and some other expats

MEMOIRS: Some reflections on the impact of Jack Mundey, who pioneered the green bans movement to protect the built environment and who passed away this week. My partner Lisa had…

Bren Smith: Eat Like a Fish

Many like to call themselves disruptors but Eat Like A Fish author Bren Smith is absolutely not the standard corporate disruptor-type who presents well in a suit.

2040: A Handbook for the Regeneration

It can be hard to feel hopeful about the future of life on earth some days, particularly in the current political climate in most English-speaking nations.

A pathway to One Planet cities 

A pathway to One Planet cities 

Our UK based correspondent David Thorpe has written what’s quickly gaining acclaim as a stunning book that offers a holistic solution to the sustainability crisis on our hands… not that we’re biased of course. Here’s our resident book reviewer Willow Aliento’s take.

The sustainable summer reading list

Here’s our list of (mostly) relaxing yet educational books to pack into your suitcase this Christmas break. Happy reading.

Tomorrowland 2018 cover

Tomorrowland 2018 – the ebook

The Fifth Estate is immensely proud to bring you our latest ebook, Tomorrowland: the urban agenda, based on our Tomorrowland 2018 signature event.

Fiction: For the Greater Good

Carolita was hurrying down the path to her apartment when she was intercepted by her neighbour. “Oh! They’ve cut me off for the rest of the month! I went O-D…