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The sustainable summer reading list

Here’s our list of (mostly) relaxing yet educational books to pack into your suitcase this Christmas break. Happy reading.

Tomorrowland 2018 cover

Tomorrowland 2018 – the ebook

The Fifth Estate is immensely proud to bring you our latest ebook, Tomorrowland: the urban agenda, based on our Tomorrowland 2018 signature event.

Fiction: For the Greater Good

Carolita was hurrying down the path to her apartment when she was intercepted by her neighbour. “Oh! They’ve cut me off for the rest of the month! I went O-D…

Not just the petrolheads: we all waste energy slaves

Canberra-based science communicator Stuart McMillen regularly publishes non-fiction comics about social and environmental issues. We have previously featured his work on The Fifth Estate, including his comics Peak Oil, St…

Comic: Stuart McMillen on Energy Slaves

Cartoonist Stuart McMillen recently shared his comic Energy Slaves on The Fifth Estate, which looked at the human power needed to maintain our lifestyles. Now he has written a series of…

Book review: We do things differently by Mark Stevenson

For any of us that have felt deep concern about the lack of vision in government, We do things differently is a timely reminder of the power of grassroots innovation to create solutions to some of the world’s big challenges.

Why some places make us feel terrible

Been in a concrete box recently that made you feel depressed or annoyed? There’s a solid scientific basis for that response, as leading US architecture critic and lecturer Professor Sarah…

The case against fragrance by Kate Grenville

BOOKS: This is the kind of book that will potentially make you want to run screaming out of the cleaning products and personal care aisles next time you go to…