Why Exxon has been tossed over by a green company and the new Lendlease green bond is oversubscribed

FINANCE: Green bonds and other sustainable finance vehicles are still booming amid the pandemic. In fact they’re seen as lower risk than traditional investments. It’s no surprise then that Australian property companies are getting on board.  Global green bond issuance passed the $1 trillion-mark last week and Australian property giant Lendlease is not missing out on […]

McKinsey and Company joins calls for green recovery

Recent research by management consulting firm McKinsey and Company has highlighted the emergence from the Covid-19 shutdown as a pivotal moment in the climate emergency. The team says the post-pandemic recovery is a “decisive” period that will either spur millions of jobs in the sustainability sector, cutting emissions, or generate significant consequences for the environment. […]

Banks appetite for green bonds on the rise

Banks issued a record number of green bonds in 2019, reflecting investors’ increased priority on environmental social governance (ESG) and the larger role banks will play as the economy transitions to low carbon.

Nightingale and clever finance is shifting the market

Tomorrowland19 – I, human: This is what can be created when you team an architect with a passion for affordable, sustainable housing with impact investors and bankers: carbon neutral, low-cost housing that creates resilient communities.

NAB’s messaging on coal and sustainability

As the government bunkers down around the fossil fuel industry and cries foul at last week’s decision by the Swedish central bank to dump Australian and Canadian bonds due to emissions footprints, the final of the big four banks’ annual reports hit the headlines.

Angels and Icarus: Crowd-funding a low-carbon transition

Angel investors, impact investors, ESD-focused venture capitalists, start-ups, crowd-funded equities, crowd-sourced funding … the ways money can be channelled to save the planet and deliver social and environmental good are multiplying at a rate of knots.

Could an infrastructure blitz save economy and planet?

Our next economic growth phase must somehow deliver strong GDP growth, strong wages growth, and a huge reduction in economy-wide emissions. Can a low-carbon infrastructure investment spree deliver on all three?

Green bonds are on the rise – but are they as green as they seem?

The issuance of green bonds is higher now than ever before, but there are increasing concerns about transparency and whether they are really helping to improve the environment. In the second quarter of this year a total of $66.6 billion worth of green bond transactions took place: 164 transactions in all, according to Moody’s, who […]

ESG: the role of real assets in creating a sustainable future

The investment industry can exert significant influence in the way that real assets are built and operated. ESG data vendors such as MSCI and FTSE Russell provide tools to help but it’s a complex task and fraught with potential unintended consequences.

More proof that climate change will cost us

Under the current policy environment the property market is expected to lose a whopping $571 billion by 2030 from climate change and extreme weather according to new modelling released by the Climate Council on Thursday.