traffic scene road-based pricing

When will Australians break up with their cars and consider road-based pricing?

A “gaping hole” in the Commonwealth’s $11 billion a year fuel exciserevenue caused by an electrified car fleet could shift the political appetite in favour of road-based pricing and other innovative transport reform measures, according to Monash University’s professor Graham Currie.


Liverpool embraces blockchain for its climate positive ambition

Liverpool City Council in the UK is set to launch a year-long trial using carbon offsetting and blockchain technology to more than offset its greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2020 and become what it calls “the world’s first carbon-positive city” 


Will the NEG disrupt carbon accounting?

In the rush to reach agreement on the National Energy Guarantee, could all the good work done by individuals and corporations to reduce carbon emissions through energy efficiency and renewable energy investment come undone?

modern slavery chained to tomato

The three things you need to know about the new Modern Slavery legislation

With modern slavery legislation at federal and state levels being introduced in Australia, and regulations and guidelines under development, here are the three most common questions and answers on this topic to help you build smarter supply chains:

Australia must build for a zero carbon future

A bright future of low energy, comfortable and resilient buildings with zero carbon emissions awaits – if governments use the National Construction Code to help us get there.

Federal budget consensus: from disappointment to luke warm

As the high powered cameras receded from the glitz and frenetic action of budget night with its attention hogging tax cuts, the sustainable transport housing and climate change sectors were left with a sense of disappointment and short termism.