Australia must build for a zero carbon future

A bright future of low energy, comfortable and resilient buildings with zero carbon emissions awaits – if governments use the National Construction Code to help us get there.

Federal budget consensus: from disappointment to luke warm

As the high powered cameras receded from the glitz and frenetic action of budget night with its attention hogging tax cuts, the sustainable transport housing and climate change sectors were left with a sense of disappointment and short termism. 

Victoria spends big ahead of tight election

Victoria will on Tuesday deliver a budget with a surplus of $1.4 billion and a number of big spending announcements, ahead of what promises to be a tight state election in November.

London city buildings at night

Europe’s net zero ambitions not backed up by actions

In both the UK and Europe the aspiration to meet net zero emissions by the middle of the century (in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change) is not yet backed up by measures to achieve that goal.

Perth cityscape

WA government forced to suspend green growth plan

The Western Australian government has suspended work on its green growth plan and implemented a “critical review” after details of a revised draft were inadvertently released by a public servant, flagging significant curtailing of development to the south of the city.

City Deal struck for Western Sydney

The federal government, NSW government and eight Western Sydney councils have struck a multi-billion City Deal that will see the development of a $7 billion Western Sydney Airport rail line,…

Sydney australia city

City of Sydney pushes for a net zero office sector

Exclusive: Increased building standards, mandatory disclosure of NABERS tenancy ratings and increased amounts of renewables are being pushed by the City of Sydney in a bid to get office buildings to net zero by 2050.