Coles joins ALDI with bold renewables commitments – will Woolworths follow suit?

Both Coles and Aldi now have ambitious clean energy commitments. Will Woolworths follow suit? Coles has committed to sourcing over 90 per cent of its energy requirements from clean energy sources, hot on the tail of ALDI’s commitment a month earlier to purchase 100 per cent of its energy from renewable sources by 2021. Through […]

Consulting giants targeting net zero but is it enough?

On Tuesday, KPMG Australia’s head of oil & gas Jonathon Peacock sent out strong note of support for the government’s gas plans announced that day, despite widespread criticism on environmental and economic grounds. So how is the rest of the company thinking on climate change? And what about the other giants of consulting that make […]

After Juukan Gorge – can anyone ever believe an ESG rating again?

What do companies do once they’ve been evaluated on their environmental, social and governance (known as ESG) performance? It’s a good question when you think about Rio Tinto following its out-of-the-league act of global vandalism in destroying a 46,000 year old sacred site of major significance in human history just to get to the ore […]

Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft under the greenwash spotlight

When it comes to sustainability, it’s hard to tell who is going green and who is just green washing. It’s easy for companies to talk a big game about sustainability. Some have even taken some major strides to change how their businesses operate. But just how green are these companies actually going? How green is […]

Unlocking the big barriers to an “efficiency first” approach

In Europe the top barriers to implementing the decision-making principle of “efficiency first” in energy system planning and policymaking turn out to be lack of political will, lack of expertise and awareness, professional cultures, die-hard personal habits, and overarching regulatory structure.

Flow Systems is back in action and growing fast

Flow Systems has recruited around 10 people in the last six months and has plans to hire around another 10 in the coming months to join the team of 80 to 90 people. The recruitment drive is to help the company cope with an influx of work providing embedded energy systems, mainly in Queensland but […]

Engineers Australia’s chief engineer on elevating engineers to “wicked problem” solvers

Engineers are devilishly good problem-solvers, according to Engineers Australia’s first chief engineer, Jane MacMaster. They are traditionally directed at technical problems, but Macmaster says an engineer’s knack for “asking the right questions” can help navigate Australia’s complex “wicked problems”, such as the Covid recovery and climate change. MacMaster is passionate about elevating the profile and […]

Cbus Property aims for the top with its latest sustainability report

Cbus Property this week released its sustainability report outlining significant in-roads over the past 12 months and targets to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030. Since updating its commitment to sustainability in 2018, the company has achieved the highest-rated National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) energy portfolio in Australia. The Global Real Estate Sustainability […]

Green Wallet: A simple star rating to prove your spending is green

Everything we buy has a price tag on the environment. From your morning coffee to the new shoes bought for work, everything we purchase has a carbon footprint. For Tom Ferrier, founder of Green Wallet, a new way to make sustainable purchases, consumerism is at the root of climate change. In 2018, the United Nations […]

Qld’s Ignite Ideas, ACT architects, red gum forests and sustainable agriculture

GREEN GIGS and government tenders: a round up of business opportunities in sustainability Igniting ideas in Queensland Queensland’s latest Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas funding round is open for small and medium sized businesses to put forward their best and brightest ideas for commercialisation. The grant supports a diverse range of projects including public smart tech, […]

Why tomorrow’s data could end up like today’s plastic

The intensity of the internet’s energy is about to escalate so much that the current infrastructure will come under pressure and lead to “severe economic and environmental concerns”.

Impact investment is booming, even now under Covid

The market for impact investment in Australia is exploding and shows no signs of slowing down, even under global pandemic conditions. The bi-annual benchmarking report from the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) released on Tuesday showed that the market for impact investment had more than tripled over the past two years from $5.7 billion to […]

GPT’s sustainability agenda on track & why energy efficiency is the new black

The world is still in the grips of the coronavirus pandemic but GPT Group’s sustainability agenda has barely hit a speed bump. As the property giant made clear in its annual sustainability report, released two weeks go on 15 May, the company is working towards clear policy goals: the big one being carbon neutrality by 2030. […]

Green gigs, government tenders and grants: Water Sensitive SA, environmental facilities and NSW funding proposal

The Victoria Department of Environment is looking for a statewide facilities management service to help keep its operation running smoothly. Responsibilities include site maintenance and repairs, security services, health and safety services, sanitation and managing any potential risks from project works or handovers. The winning supplier will also be in charge of promoting the department’s […]

Australia’s role in COVID-19 recovery lies in its diverse economy

The COVID-19 crisis has upended local and global economies, disrupted supply chains and prompted politicians and the global citizenry alike think about what sort of world we want to live in. The immediate focus is on economic recovery but the subsequent focus on reform represents an opportunity for meaningful change. In Australia, our manufacturing and […]

How one window manufacturer, Paarhammer, is coping with Covid

Covid has hit a lot of people hard, but not Australian window manufacturer Paarhammer. The company prides itself on sustainable – and fire resistant – windows and doors that it produces out of its purposed built factory at Ballan, about 80 kilometres north west of Melbourne. Edith Paarhammer, who owns the company with husband Tony, […]

News in brief: UK fossil investors on notice; QIC goes big on solar; catastrophic heat for a third of us

A partnership between QIC and Yurika Energy will deliver a whole-of-system renewable energy solution including onsite solar, battery storage and 24/7 system monitoring to optimise the value of onsite renewable energy. The arrangement will mean Queensland’s largest bulky goods shopping centre, Domain Central, will be fully energy self-sustained within three years, which according to QIC […]

First Nations entrepreneur program goes virtual

With Australian businesses forced to transition to remote work, Barayamal is continuing to support Indigenous entrepreneurs by taking its business accelerator programs online.