Microsoft ramps its sustainability blitz

Technology companies are now some of the biggest and most influential on the planet so it’s good news that more of them are going big on sustainability, with Microsoft the latest to ramp up its green commitments.

ADP Consulting boosting Sydney’s green team

Australian engineering services firm ADP Consulting is already about 100 employees strong but now it’s growing its sustainability capacity in Sydney to match the strength of the Melbourne team as net zero carbon and ESD expectations in general start to rise.

Corporate syndicated green loans come to Australia

Frasers Property Australia announced today that it has refinanced an existing debt facility using a $600 million five-year loan derived from the LMA/APLMA Green Loan Principles – the first of its kind in Australia.

Place Design Group’s new CEO to expand horizons

Beth Toon has been appointed in the planning and design consultancy’s newly created role designed to drive “sustainability and succession” across the Pan Asia operations.