CEFC commits more funds for commercial property upgrades

By Cameron Jewell

1 April 2014 — The Clean Energy Finance Corporation has announced $100 million of debt finance for extensive commercial property retrofits, some good news after last week’s slap in the face to the industry from the Victorian Government.

Photon Energy opens Australian office

By Willow Aliento

27 March 2014 — Publicly listed European company Photon Energy has opened up an Australian office in Bondi, NSW, bringing with it a no-capital model for commercial solar installations.

Stranded assets – more than oil and coal

By Tina Perinotto 25 March 2014 – The notion of stranded assets is gaining ground as companies such as ExxonMobil last week said it would report on its “Carbon Asset Risk” to assess its financial risks from climate change that could lower valuation of its oil reserves.

Energy Action acquires Exergy as business booms

By Willow Aliento

19 March 2014 — ASX-listed energy management firm Energy Action has purchased energy efficiency consultancy Exergy for $4 million, with the merger giving EA an integrated set of capabilities across energy procurement, contract management, energy-efficiency auditing and sustainability engineering.

Stockland acquires stake in Australand

19 March 2014 – Stockland announced on Wednesday morning it has acquired a strategic stake in Australand. A media statement from Stockland said it had obtained a 19.9 per cent (115,166,597 securities) strategic stake in Australand at an average price of $3.78.

CEFC biogas investment to help Australian manufacturing

5 March 2014 — With debate raging on how to protect against more manufacturing closes, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, in its first public investment move since the federal election, has stepped in to announce it will finance new biogas infrastructure designed to cut energy costs for agribusinesses and manufacturers.

Lend Lease backs out of Abbot Point

By Cameron Jewell

26 February 2014 — Lend Lease has pulled out of its involvement in the coal port expansion at Abbot Point on the Great Barrier Reef.
The decision follows a sustained campaign by environmental groups, which included an open letter to Lend Lease warning of the “reputational risk” of engaging with the project.

Green MashUp: accountants can save the world… if they step up

30 January 2014 – The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board in the US came out of Harvard and the Kennedy School of Government and is backed by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Rockefeller Foundation. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has published a guide on environmental accounting.

Westpac named world’s most sustainable company

By Cameron Jewell

23 January 2014 — Westpac has been named the most sustainable company in the world in the 2014 Global 100 Index, a ranking of the top sustainable companies announced today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Concerns have been raised, however, that the organisation continues to lend to coal and gas projects.

Property centre stage again as confidence surges

By Tina Perinotto

15 January 2014 – What’s the mood for 2014?

Very good indeed if you ask the property industry. The Property Council/ANZ Property Industry Confidence Index to March 2014 says the love affair with the resources sector is all but over and for the Australian economy it’s back on with its one true favourite, property.

A journey in search of Capitalism 2.0

By Sarah-Jane Sherwood, Communicate Blue

“The financial crisis has lifted the veil on capitalism, exposing its inherent frailties, but there is cause for hope,” says Mike Townsend of Earthshine, UK and Brad Zarnett of Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series, Canada.

Green Capital forum: how to win in media and marketing

A Fifth Estate Special Report   25 January 2012 – In November last year Green Capital pulled out all stops to find out why the  green and climate change agenda has failed to deliver the media and marketing wins that are now critically urgent. In a forum held in Sydney and Melbourne some of the best […]