2019: The bumper outlook report

It’s the end of the year and time for people to reflect, process and gear up for 2019.

Sustainability part of the wallpaper at PwC

Professional services giant PwC is determined to avoid silos, and according to consulting partner John Tomac, this means sustainability capability and expertise has trickled into all corners of the business.

ERM hones in on community engagement to boost Australian profile

Exactly why did ERM buy out Kathy Jones and Associates?

Global sustainability consultancy ERM has 5000 staff worldwide and is one of the leaders in helping governments privatise assets. So why did it need to recently buy Kathy Jones and Associates, a Sydney based company with around 70 people?

Consultancy giants boost sustainability teams

The big consultancy firms such as KPMG and EY are bolstering their sustainability teams to meet new demand in areas such as climate change risk, modern slavery, carbon farming and sustainable timber verification.

Farmers locking horns with climate change 

Farmers locking horns with climate change 

Farmers are starting to agitate for action on climate and they’re getting smarter and more innovative to cope with the challenges it presents. According to young award winning farmer, Anika Molesworth, expect to hear more from this sector. 

blackrock building

Throwing stones at BlackRock’s fossil fuel investments

One of the world’s largest fund managers, BlackRock which has been proclaiming its high sustainability and ethical values is fighting off a barrage of criticisms that it is in fact one of the worst offenders against the planet.