Sustainable Australia Fund launches next generation environmental upgrade loans

Loans for environmental upgrades have come a long way in the past 10 years. Owners can now enjoy one of three tailored products, including the Capital Fund, which becomes part of a developer’s capital stack, reduces cost and provides a greater return on equity.

Australian battery company Solar SG in growth mode

To take Australian solar battery storage installation company Solar SG into its next growth phase, a new chairman and chief executive officer have been appointed.

Macquarie Group gets another $100 million from CEFC

The asset management arm of Macquarie Group, Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA), has received another sizeable chunk of finance from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation for emissions reduction and energy efficiency projects across airports, electricity, port, rail, water and other infrastructure sectors. The state-owned corporation is investing $100 million towards projects targeting lower carbon […]

Minerals Council joins corporate scramble to go green

Some of the most unlikely of corporate suspects are going green – or paying lip service to the cause – bowing to pressure from customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. The Minerals Council is the latest to change its tune. The mining industry body has announced a climate action plan amid mounting pressure on major members […]

Bueno’s head start in Australia and where to next

Now six years old, the success of Bueno’s data-driven building operations software owes a lot to the maturity of energy performance in the Australian property sector. Now it’s looking to grow its presence overseas, with a new office set to open in New York next year.

Five ways to finance energy efficiency building upgrades

EUROPE: Financing building upgrades to make them more energy efficient is the subject of much research. It’s estimated it would need around EUR 100 billion (AU$163 billion) a year to meet the European target to tackle climate change.

Foresight Group launches fund for small scale renewables

A new fund for smaller-scale renewable energy projects in Australia has been launched by the Foresight Group, a UK-based infrastructure and private equity investment manager.

Industry super flexes muscles on emission reduction

Industry superannuation fund IFM Investors is pushing for carbon emissions reduction targets across a suite of assets including ports, airports, rail and electricity distributor Ausgrid.

David Chandler appointed NSW building commissioner

Gladys Berejiklian has appointed David Chandler OAM the NSW building commissioner in the latest step towards an overhaul of the state’s building laws. Mr Chandler will commence the role on 14 August. He will be responsible for investigating misconduct within the building industry, overseeing disciplinary action, managing licensing and auditing, and driving legislative reforms. Mr […]

Integral rises up the deep green charts

Integral Group, the engineering firm that positions itself as “deep green engineering,” has catapulted to the national stage by merging with Umow Lai, one of the most respected groups in the business.

Market pulse shows investors are greening up their questions

It’s good to check the sentiment pulse from time to time, especially when people like David Yates executive general manager sustainability and investor relations for Dexus says investors are asking increasingly pointy questions about the nature and shape of sustainability objectives.

Bottle caps launch a green bond

Consumer goods giant Proctor & Gamble has invented a process for recycling the polypropylene caps into near virgin-quality reusable plastic.

It’s the new economy stupid!

There are so many lucrative economic opportunities in the new economy that could supply jobs and growth for the regions and cities alike. Just ask the thinkers, inventors and doers. But not the feds.

Future of Lendlease’s DesignMake is under review

It might be “premature” to think another prefab timber construction facility is about to bite the dust, but the signs aren’t good. This time it’s the much lauded Lendlease owned factory DesignMake at Eastern Creek in western Sydney, which has delivered some of the most high profile timber buildings in Australia.

Victoria’s new SV – Solar Victoria – off to a big start

While northern Queensland bites its nails worrying about what possible jobs could replace coal, in Victoria, the Andrews government is pushing full steam ahead with solar for residential consumers and igniting a whole lot of businesses at the same time.

Co-working is influential and still growing strong

WeWork was the focus of discussion during part of the investor panel at Happy Healthy Offices this week, just as new research showed Australia is a hot spot for this office format, known for its ability to practice and influence a greater sense of community and bent towards sustainability.