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Sustainability a winner as Verdia’s books grow by 500 per cent

In just the last year, Verdia – a Sydney-based company that delivers “end-to-end” sustainable energy solutions for big commercial industry and government – has more than doubled its full-time staff and grown its customers and projects 500 per cent.

MacBank’s purchase of British Green Investment Bank is still controversial

When Macquarie Bank bought the UK’s Green Investment Bank it ignited a storm of opposition. There was doubt the Aussie bankers would uphold the original ambitions of the GIB, because these ambitions are not sufficiently protected. That’s certainly the conclusion of an investigation by British MPs on the UK House of Commons Public Accounts Committee.

Nu-tility ready for its next capital raising, as a B Corp

In a move that signals that the capital markets know a thing or two about which way the renewable wind is blowing, former investment bankers Toby Greenane and Daniel Barber are about to launch a new capital raising and hire up to six new staff for their start-up energy company Nu-tility.

Property sector turns eye to social sustainability

It is accepted as a truism in energy efficiency circles that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”. And with social sustainability a rising trend in terms of industry focus, the push is now on to find ways to apply a similar metrics-based approach to people-focused initiatives.

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WA industry in push for building upgrade finance

Vacancy rates are hitting Western Australia hard so the City of Perth and Property Council are pushing for changes to the state’s Local Government Act to enable building upgrade finance (BUF), in a move designed to improve underperforming stock.

City Deal struck for Western Sydney

The federal government, NSW government and eight Western Sydney councils have struck a multi-billion City Deal that will see the development of a $7 billion Western Sydney Airport rail line,…

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City of Sydney pushes for a net zero office sector

Exclusive: Increased building standards, mandatory disclosure of NABERS tenancy ratings and increased amounts of renewables are being pushed by the City of Sydney in a bid to get office buildings to net zero by 2050.

Supply chain issues on the rise

Mark Lyster’s Action Sustainability is hiring. After more than a year since launching in the new and you’d expect tough field of supply chain sustainability, the company is now positioned for growth.