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blackrock building

Throwing stones at BlackRock’s fossil fuel investments

One of the world’s largest fund managers, BlackRock which has been proclaiming its high sustainability and ethical values is fighting off a barrage of criticisms that it is in fact one of the worst offenders against the planet.

group standing at lights uk construction

How construction can improve social value

A movement is underway in the UK to encourage the construction industry to do more to improve civil society cohesion and ethics. This is steering the direction of Government legislation.

climate policy voting booth

Do we need bi-partisan support to tackle climate? Not any more

Climate policy cannot be reduced to a carbon policy. Its strength is in complexity, from local food production to communal transport, renewables and Indigenous rights to say no to coal. We need to forget bi-partisan support and find our democratic strength.

Victoria Andrews Government

Victoria’s election mode spending focuses on sustainability

The Andrews Government in Victoria is shifting into election mode and announcements are coming thick and fast. They range from big shiny promises to initiatives across affordable and social housing, social infrastructure and low-carbon energy projects.