What we need is a more powerful house

The idea of a new cultural facility for Parramatta is good. Stocking that facility with the Powerhouse collection just looks dumb. News of the post-pandemic economic fallout is steadily replacing the news of the pandemic itself.  Here are a few snippets. The National Library announced it will largely cease collecting Asian publications. The story was […]

Why livestock investments are starting to look shaky

Goldman Sachs is warning investors away from livestock, with going as far as to label livestock as one of the most precarious investments alongside oil. Why? Global investor network FAIRR a London based outfit that raises awareness of the material ESG risks and opportunities caused by intensive livestock production has released a new report that […]

Rebound: the amazing potential of the “third sector” to do this brilliantly

Governments need to think differently to spread the benefits of their post COVID 19 stimulus. Building a new “third” construction sector is an excellent place to start. The NSW Government has prioritised 24 housing, school and industrial projects to undergo the fast-track assessment process, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The hope is that […]

Dynamic, viable – and just – businesses doing well in Oz

Discussions about manufacturing in Australia tend to focus on either the demise of the car industry or the potential of advanced manufacturing to reinvigorate the sector as a whole.

Ghost of Bjelke-Petersen looms large over new Queensland legislation

New legislation proposed by the Queensland government to ban “locking” devices used by climate activists and to give police more power to search suspected protesters is raising the spectre of Joh Bjelke-Petersen era laws criminalising public protest.

The time has come for Voice, Treaty and Truth

It’s high time for white Australians to confront the fact that their life outcomes are much better than their Indigenous counterparts.

Tanya Ha – what happens when diversity meets environmentalism

Tanya Ha, former presenter on ABC’s Catalyst, science communicator and environmentalist, is busy helping scientists to better communicate and has a “pet interest” in the green building and sustainable cities movement. Now she’s jumped further into diversity issues.

Property sector turns eye to social sustainability

It is accepted as a truism in energy efficiency circles that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”. And with social sustainability a rising trend in terms of industry focus, the push is now on to find ways to apply a similar metrics-based approach to people-focused initiatives.

Gender diversity: Avdiev, Long and Morrison on how to change the game

Gender diversity is a hot issue. In the built environment it’s partly thanks to work underway through the Male Champions of Change program, and partly it just may have been intensified by the Hollywood sex scandals now rippling around the globe.

Vicinity joins war on waste with large-scale recycling system

A new recycling system at Chatswood Chase in Sydney is set to help the shopping centre reach its zero waste by 2020 goal, with Vicinity Centres now looking to roll out more systems across its national portfolio in a bid to cut waste going to landfill. The project has also teamed up with disability service […]

Adani – a consultant’s moral dilemma or no brainer?

If your company was offered a mega-profitable commission on Adani’s Carmichael coal mine* in Queensland would you turn it down due to the environmental damage it will cause, or would you take the cash?