waste crisis

On why waste is the next front

News from the from desk #391:Waste has been looming large on the horizon. Blame those graphic pictures of oceans choking in plastic. Blame those even more horrid images of birds and other sea creatures with their stomachs cut open to reveal plastic and more plastic.  

western Sydney

We need to increase Sydney’s resilience. Here’s how

The Greater Sydney Commission recently set out a strategy to reimagine Sydney as three cities – an eastern “Harbour City”, a central “River City” and a western “Parkland City”.

biophilic design Frasers brickworks

The living buildings of the future

I recently participated in the Living Future unConference, the annual event that leads the world in regenerative design.

On why we need generosity of spirit to save the planet for all

News from the front desk #389: How depressing it would be to live on $17 a day after accommodation expenses, in not very salubrious housing at that. To be newly married and need to live in a room in a share house, to not afford to buy anything beyond the cheapest groceries and never new clothes or a holiday.