Medium density’s new model

New medium-density housing typologies could provide the density cities need with the amenity residents want, but government ambition needs to rise to meet the challenge.

plastic bottle waste

Waste crisis: “the fear is palpable”

Crisis talks on waste are under way after China banned mixed plastic and paper waste – and the fear is palpable, Total Environment Centre’s Jeff Angel says.

Planning for tiny houses

If tiny houses are so popular, we don’t see more of them popping up around the place?

Finding investment gold in plastic rubbish

Lost amidst the noise around more expensive beer and soft drinks are the long-term benefits of NSW’s container deposit scheme, Return and Earn, launched in December 2017.

virtual reality building

Digital twins help to deliver better buildings

The building industry is in the throes of a significant transformation as it forges a new approach to how buildings are constructed to ensure they better suit future environments.

modern slavery solomon-hsu-518339

Modern slavery is a deadly serious risk for built environment companies

Modern slavery is an issue that’s been gaining visibility over the last few years in Australia following the work by many countries, including the UK, which introduced a modern slavery act in 2015 that started a radical change throughout organisations’ supply chains.