Productivity Commission to hold inquiry into the right to repair and planned obsolescence, while the Feds get jittery

COMMENT: Now we tend to not like the Productivity Commission much, mainly it’s our unforgiving nature for when it said we should deregulate zoning as a way of making housing more affordable. It certainly would make houses more affordable, because no-one would want to live there. But that’s another story entirely to what hit us […]

NSW’s reshuffle leaves environment a small player in a big pond

ANALYSIS: NSW environment and climate supporters would have been in shock on Tuesday afternoon. Early news had just seeped out that newly re-anointed premier Gladys Berijiklian looked like she’d reneged on the still fresh optimism on climate action she stoked in the weeks before the state election and had demolished the Office of Environment and Heritage.

OXYGEN FILES – NZ wants climate action now, dodgy honey dodgy products and Monsanto

Let us avert our eyes from the festering mess that is the Australian government’s response to the latest IPCC report for a moment and consider instead the position of our mates in New Zealand.  The NZ government has just publicly released the 15,000+ submissions it received on its proposed Zero Carbon Act. A summary of […]

Why Standing Rock could be a Custer moment for fossil fuels

OPINION: Right now in North Dakota, hundreds of Native American people are being shot at with rubber bullets, bombarded with tear gas and blasted by water cannon as they stand on their own sovereign land. It’s the ugly face of fossil fuel fightback, a paramilitary police operation protecting private interests aiming to push the Dakota […]

Behind the lines: Governments feel the heat of community anger

As the world passed a momentous milestone in March – the average temperature in the northern hemisphere rising two degrees Celsius above “normal” for the first time in recorded history – people in Sydney took to the streets to fight against legislation that will hamper their right to protect their land, water, food supply and […]