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park pond

On a walk in the park, and a peek into turmoil

News from the front desk Issue 471: If you’re feeling discombobulated by the crazy mental contagion of our world right now try this for some unsolicited advice: a good night’s sleep, an early morning walk in the sun, a bit of nature.

Sign advising of reclaimed irrigation water in use

Perth faces a drought of action over water use

Perth’s water managers have declared that the city will be a leading “waterwise” city by 2030 but there is a lot of work to do to reach that goal, given that Perth has the second-highest per capita water consumption of any Australian capital city.

bird sitting on tree

On the determination to find blue skies

News from the front desk, issue 468: The year started as a beast. It’s still a beast but it’s now creating a fury roaring in another direction, ours.

Adam Bandt

On why Adam Bandt is a man for the times

News from the front desk on Friday (part II) – Richard Di Natale was right for the times; Adam Bandt is right for now. Newscorp calls Bandt the Greens “attack dog”.


On why joined up thinking isn’t mumbo-jumbo, it’s science

Collective eyerolls are the order of the day in recent weeks, as we watch governments claiming emissions targets will be met while also approving expansion of emissions-producing industries. It’s like the various moving parts of policy and research just don’t connect even when they are in the same departmental body.

Jamie Dimon

On why Jamie Dimon is in our sights

News from the front desk, issue 464: Right now, while government twiddles its thumbs and minsters glance constantly at their watches waiting for the next holiday, the private sector is doing…

Nasa earth now australia

On our new year of 2020 vision

UPDATED 21 Dec 19: News from the front desk, issue 462:  If 2020 signifies perfect vision then it could be a brilliant irony that in the most populated capital of…

On why this is your time Scott Morrison

News from the front desk, issue 461: Dear PM Scott Morrison, this is your time. Your chance to shine and step up to the winners’ podium on the global stage, the…

On why we don’t have to follow our political leaders

Experts report we’ve had the hottest decade since records began. Large tracts of the country are in flames with ash now contaminating Sydney’s main water storage at Warragamba Dam.