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Native bee in Brisbane,

On different ways to meet our gladiator complex

 The thing about the Allianz Stadium in Sydney is that tearing it down is a massive waste of resources. In an era when the “buy nothing new” campaign threatens (or promises) to morph into a “build nothing new”, that’s a serious thing.

flying birds in sky

On how Google and AI could get smarter than smart

At a Sydney dinner this week, a few people started shooting the breeze, wondering what the bright new world of technology and data mining would bring and how it will change our worlds. As you do.

On why avocados are looking so good

Passive House as a methodology of construction is about to break out of its boutique box in residential and hit the broader market sectors.

The Fifth Estate’s top 10 stories of 2018

1 The end of recycling? Why Australia is at crisis point Alas, sometimes things need to be broken for us to realise that we need to make changes. 2 Strongbuild falls as…

On how young people will drive our future

On how young people will drive our future

News from the front desk Issue No 416: Young people from schools all over Australia went out on strike to protest the lack of action on climate change last Friday. They were…