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On what we discover on the way to Tomorrowland

You pick up some great insights doing the briefings with speakers and panel members for an event like Tomorrowland. These people are a cross section of the best in the industry and they’re really tapped in. When they tell you something it’s for reason. We think some of them exemplify exactly what T’land is about.

climate bus electric bus

On the climate bus heading our way

News from the front desk – Issue No 400: It’s four weeks to go before Tomorrowland. Our signature event is a point in time. A time to measure what we won and…

risk, Bourke australia

On why it’s time to give up our massive risk taking appetite

News from the front desk – Issue No 399: We appear to have a gambling problem that extends way beyond poker machine habits and flutters on the fillies. It’s a runaway risk appetite for maintaining things as close to the status quo as possible in the face of the reality of climate change and its impacts on all humans.

Björn Öberg affordable housing housing crisis

On why we must continue to be vocal on affordable housing

News from the front desk – Issue No 398: “Affordable, safe and sustainable” are three words we hear tossed about a lot in the housing discussion. But it’s hard not to sound like the kid in the backseat asking, “Are we there yet? How long till we get there?”


On why we’ve had enough of greenwash and plastic

News from the front desk: No 395 – Plastic is no longer fantastic – because it’s now creating a serious ecological burden that no one can ignore. The major supermarkets have…

hair panic weed Wangaratta

On why it’s time to pause and re-visit the country, sustainably

News from the front desk: No 394 When the town of Wangaratta in Victoria experienced an inundation of mature seed heads of a native plant nicknamed “hairy panic” in 2016, the images of homes buried up the eaves in the stuff went viral around the globe.

stop Adani

Shutting down journalism and how dangerous that is

The danse macabre of our Parliament took another sinister turn this week, with the Espionage and Foreign Interference Bill 2017 and Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Bill 2017 hitting the debating floor.