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On consumers asking so many questions

Imagine if you could show your political preferences every time you put your hand in your pocket. There’s a new app in the US called Progresssive Shopper that does just that.

kids strike for climate change

On what do we want and when do we want it?

The federal election has been called for 18 May, so strap in for another wild ride at the fun-fair roller coaster that passes for our governance these days. Think of it like a festival at the Colosseum. Or “Reality TV goes to the Polls”.


On the race for space and why planning is the hot portfolio

It’s gloves off. The election in NSW is over and now it’s down to the big power grab – the spoils. And what are the pollies going for, the portfolio now considered “one of the more coveted and contentious” in government? Planning.

On how the weight of money is joining the power of many

News from the front desk Issue No 428: If there was a dominant theme coming through the Green Building Council of Australia’s Transform conference in Sydney this week, it was…

Native bee in Brisbane,

On different ways to meet our gladiator complex

 The thing about the Allianz Stadium in Sydney is that tearing it down is a massive waste of resources. In an era when the “buy nothing new” campaign threatens (or promises) to morph into a “build nothing new”, that’s a serious thing.

flying birds in sky

On how Google and AI could get smarter than smart

At a Sydney dinner this week, a few people started shooting the breeze, wondering what the bright new world of technology and data mining would bring and how it will change our worlds. As you do.

On why avocados are looking so good

Passive House as a methodology of construction is about to break out of its boutique box in residential and hit the broader market sectors.