On why we’re all activists now

News from the front desk 454:  What’s an activist? An activist might be a young schoolkid, sure. And because of this the climate “strike” attracted the ire of political leaders, strangely irked by the power of these children to make the world pay attention. One child in particular, Greta Thunberg, at just 16 years of […]

On why we called the next Tomorrowland I, human

News from the front desk 452: Tomorrowland is back. This year we’ve named our yearly signature event I, human in the climate emergency. The title was obvious. We have fast convergence of two of the most powerful forces in our history – technology and its latest iteration artificial intelligence, and the rapidly unfolding climate emergency. […]

Angels and Icarus: Crowd-funding a low-carbon transition

Angel investors, impact investors, ESD-focused venture capitalists, start-ups, crowd-funded equities, crowd-sourced funding … the ways money can be channelled to save the planet and deliver social and environmental good are multiplying at a rate of knots.

On the need for speed and is it just a nasty habit we need to break?

We’re amazingly quick on the uptake when it comes to some kinds of innovation – air travel for example, which has only been a thing for just under a century. But the cost of close to 100 years of flying has been a whole new source of pollution and carbon emissions.

On why the government cares, it really really cares… A bit

PM Scott Morrison has announced he will tackle plastic recycling. Good. It’s ugly. It’s also politically safe topic thanks to the rapid escalation of concern that a single program, The War on Waste managed to churn up among the mums and dads of everywhere.

On Perth’s global renewable energy event and what we can learn from it

News from the front desk 445: Sustainability business news is pouring through our inbox at a rate of knots. It’s hard to keep up. What’s surprising is that it’s not only the worthy businesses in the choir who are directly tackling our urgent issues, it’s also the big end of town. Coca-Cola for instance seems […]

On the 3.5 per cent rule for winning

You might get a couple of good laughs out of Willow’s story on the preppers this week. These are the people preparing for all sorts of catastrophes from meteors to pandemics. One laugh might be because they are so extreme and silly, but the other might be a tad on the nervy side because though […]

On the need to keep the high street busy

News from the front desk issue 442: It’s no secret among our most avid readers that we’re based in inner Sydney.

On the Dunning-Kruger effect and why shopping centres need to get with the program

News from the front desk issue 441: If NABERS ratings don’t make shopping centres more energy efficient, and if their industry body rejects outright the Commercial Building Disclosure Program, then why not cut to the chase and mandate better energy performance? Industry observers – the experts who know these things really well – are flummoxed. […]

On the one where they’re cancelling The Australian and forming a resistance

So many meetings, outings and events in this past week. So much activity. Dust shaken off, wobbly knees firming up a bit. It’s back to work, a hint of the old smiles starting to form again. But something is not the same. Daily, there are new insights and dissections of this country’s make up and […]

On Canberra, where the bloody hell are you?

While northern Queensland bites its nails worrying about what possible jobs could replace coal, in Victoria, the Andrews government is pushing full steam ahead with a massive solar program that’s igniting a whole lot of spinoff business.

On consumers asking so many questions

Imagine if you could show your political preferences every time you put your hand in your pocket. There’s a new app in the US called Progresssive Shopper that does just that.

On what do we want and when do we want it?

The federal election has been called for 18 May, so strap in for another wild ride at the fun-fair roller coaster that passes for our governance these days. Think of it like a festival at the Colosseum. Or “Reality TV goes to the Polls”.

On the race for space and why planning is the hot portfolio

It’s gloves off. The election in NSW is over and now it’s down to the big power grab – the spoils. And what are the pollies going for, the portfolio now considered “one of the more coveted and contentious” in government? Planning.

On how the weight of money is joining the power of many

News from the front desk Issue No 428: If there was a dominant theme coming through the Green Building Council of Australia’s Transform conference in Sydney this week, it was “follow the money”.  Was there a hint of panic from the Liberal Party senator Jane Hume on ABC radio last Sunday morning? Under discussion was […]

On different ways to meet our gladiator complex

 The thing about the Allianz Stadium in Sydney is that tearing it down is a massive waste of resources. In an era when the “buy nothing new” campaign threatens (or promises) to morph into a “build nothing new”, that’s a serious thing.