passive house

Why I want to live in a passive house

Architect Kylie Mills on why she wants to live in a passive house in Sydney that she “would not have to heat or cool pretty much year-round”.


On why we’ve had enough of greenwash and plastic

News from the front desk: No 395 – Plastic is no longer fantastic – because it’s now creating a serious ecological burden that no one can ignore. The major supermarkets have…

Dr Lina Engelen, University of Sydney fitwel

Fitwel – the latest kid on the certification block

A new certification tool called Fitwel is a building rating system for existing workplaces and residential buildings that provides guidelines on how to design and operate healthier buildings.

modern slavery chained to tomato

The three things you need to know about the new Modern Slavery legislation

With modern slavery legislation at federal and state levels being introduced in Australia, and regulations and guidelines under development, here are the three most common questions and answers on this topic to help you build smarter supply chains:

hair panic weed Wangaratta

On why it’s time to pause and re-visit the country, sustainably

News from the front desk: No 394 When the town of Wangaratta in Victoria experienced an inundation of mature seed heads of a native plant nicknamed “hairy panic” in 2016, the images of homes buried up the eaves in the stuff went viral around the globe.

Can the market provide affordable housing?

There is an ongoing debate about the best role for the planning system in addressing the shortage of affordable housing in Australia’s cities.

Australia must build for a zero carbon future

A bright future of low energy, comfortable and resilient buildings with zero carbon emissions awaits – if governments use the National Construction Code to help us get there.

stop Adani

Shutting down journalism and how dangerous that is

The danse macabre of our Parliament took another sinister turn this week, with the Espionage and Foreign Interference Bill 2017 and Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Bill 2017 hitting the debating floor.

Why Sydney needs an integrated economic strategy

The Greater Sydney Commission’s (GSC) recently developed Greater Sydney Region Plan – A Metropolis of Three Cities – is spatially focused but it does not include an integrated economic strategy.

waste crisis

On why waste is the next front

News from the from desk #391:Waste has been looming large on the horizon. Blame those graphic pictures of oceans choking in plastic. Blame those even more horrid images of birds and other sea creatures with their stomachs cut open to reveal plastic and more plastic.