Can algae building technology work in Australia? 

Can algae building technology work in Australia? 

The age of fossil fuels is drawing to an end, and some believe the 21st century will be the age of the biofuels. A team of UTS researchers are currently working on one promising option – algae building technology – with the hope that it will be the next big thing in green buildings.

construction waste

The construction industry needs a “Peak Embedded Carbon Day”

The construction industry’s canary in the mineshaft is its most visible flaw – waste. David Chandler suggests that a galvanising call to reduce its embedded carbon would modernise and lift its game.

Miami Beach storm

Is TCFD missing the mark?

Has the rush to deliver Task Force on Climate Disclosure reporting opened the door for misleading corporate risk data?

kids strike for climate change

On what do we want and when do we want it?

The federal election has been called for 18 May, so strap in for another wild ride at the fun-fair roller coaster that passes for our governance these days. Think of it like a festival at the Colosseum. Or “Reality TV goes to the Polls”.

George st Sydney the rocks

NSW transport reshuffle a chance to rethink mobility

OPINION: The NSW government’s recent announcement that Roads and Maritime Services – until now the state’s standalone roads agency – will be integrated into Transport for NSW could not have come at a more opportune time.