on-site construction

The future of on-site construction

Over the next year, industry watchers should expect to see a new piece of construction kit creeping into construction rental fleets.

industrial empty warehouse

Why Sydney needs to keep its sheds and industrial lands

Sydney is the manufacturing capital of Australia, worth $21.5 billion, but left unchecked the industrial land that supports so many important activities could be swallowed up and lost forever by rapidly encroaching residential development.

smart cities

How smart cities are about to rock our world

What’s the connection between smart cities and sustainability? How about cleaner water, zero waste, smart transport, better engagement with communities and building resilience? Is that a good start?

Manly, Sydney transport

Our transport choices are about more than keeping Sydney moving

As Sydney continues to grapple with the ever-growing economic, environmental and social costs of its congestion, it is plain to see that Sydney’s historically car-based mobility preferences cannot continue in a city of 8 million people in the future.

On why the Wentworth by-election is so wild

The Wentworth by-election on 20 October is an election like no other. Perhaps a chance to unseat a potentially minority government on the climate agenda, many hope.