Adani – a consultant’s moral dilemma or no brainer?

If your company was offered a mega-profitable commission on Adani’s Carmichael coal mine* in Queensland would you turn it down due to the environmental damage it will cause, or would you take the cash?

Sydney is full … of terrible and inappropriate development

Monday’s headline in The Sydney Morning Herald – Sydneysiders in revolt over development as two-thirds declare the city is ‘full’ – decidedly captured the community’s response to the government’s high population growth projections and accompanying urban renewal areas.

Density in Sydney: Do as I do not as I say

The Sydney Morning Herald’s article on Sydneysiders “in revolt” over development is interesting, but the numbers need to be taken with a grain of salt.

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Governments have burnt up trust on cladding

The failure of all three tiers of government to deal with the problems associated with non-complying aluminium cladding has created a massive trust deficit amongst strata owners who’ve been left to pick up the tab for a problem of others’ creation.

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Alan Pears: Summertime, and the living ain’t easy

With summer approaching, there’s a flurry of activity to ensure reliable energy generation under peak loads. We also need to look at the way our star-rated buildings cope in the heat.

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Planet trumps project in precinct design

Animals have a way of beating the odds by using what’s been given. If it’s not the one-inch cathedral termite that architects a five-metre home on the Australian outback, it’s the beaver who rearranges the river’s flow with its bucked teeth.

Housing crisis solutions are all connected

If you were asked to draw your home, what would the picture look like? Chances are you’d draw a standalone building, with walls and a roof, then add in some windows and doors – but does this picture really reflect how your home operates?

Australia dithers on energy while the world gets on with it

While in Australia we argue about keeping a 45-year-old coal fired power plant operational, removing renewable targets and changing the meaning of “clean” to include dirty, we seem to be drifting further away from the rest of the world.

Highway Traffic at Sunset. Tilt Shift Concept Photo. Traffic in Las Vegas Nevada, USA.

Managing and reducing parking congestion through smart technology

Currently there are increasing population levels in Australian cities and a well-known negative impact on the urban environment of a larger population is an increase in congestion, on both major and minor arterial roads.

Build to rent can be a viable asset class: let’s get it right

Australia’s inevitable drift to rental was well forecast by Owen Donald’s National Housing Supply Council in its second State of Supply report (2010). The Council indicated demand for rental growing…

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Could Sydney Airport become a stranded asset?

Ridiculous! Sydney Airport at Mascot is Australia’s busiest! After all, it contributes directly and indirectly six per cent of NSW’s economic activity and almost 300,000 jobs. Its growth is currently very strong.

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Respect for planners is crucial for liveable cities

A few weeks ago, The Fifth Estate covered the burgeoning demand for planners in Australia. As our cities and their populations grow at a rapid pace, it follows that more…

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