women cycling to work

Closing the gender gap in active transport

A true measure of how a city’s transport networks perform is the number of women walking, cycling and using public transport, Sharon Moller argues.

Sydney stadium and

Planning for great stadiums needs great public policy

In what looked like a victory for common sense, the NSW government last month dropped plans to demolish two of Sydney’s most high-profile sports arenas and build new facilities at a cost of over $2 billion.


Tyranny of distance threatens the fair go

In the nation of the Fair Go, Australians pride themselves on the idea that anyone in this country has a fair chance to be whatever they want to be.

Léonard Dupond behance

5 steps to save cities from the driverless cars

The autonomous future is coming at us at full speed and poses a potential threat to daily life in our cities and suburbs not seen since the invention of the automobile.

traffic cars transport pedestrians

The battle for space on our roads

While all modes of road transport are important, in many areas a disproportionate amount of space and priority is being given to vehicle traffic, to the detriment of our cities.

prefabNZ crowdshot

Australia can learn from NZ’s push for better housing

Australia is importing an increasing amount of northern hemisphere pre-manufacture technology and materials these days. The subject should be getting much more political interest than it is.

Passive House and the pivot to Asia

Passive House is bursting out from its European roots and making a big impact in China, a move that promises to further accelerate the adoption of Passive House in warmer climates.

Anna Wiman isometric Sydney

Our cities need a governance revolution

Our capital cities are not just badly governed. They are not governed. We need a governance revolution, argues Tim Williams.

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