8 Chifley: the journey to high performance

By Erik Moore, Arup

6 February 2014 — As reported on The Fifth Estate on 16 July last year, 8 Chifley Square is one of a new breed of buildings currently being introduced to the Sydney commercial market.

This new breed is providing the City of Sydney with ingenious and unorthodox designs that are leading the international field in sustainable building design in their technology and systems, along with the less tangible element of societal change.

The role of urban development in decarbonising cities: part 1

By Dr Vanessa Rauland, Curtin University

The first article in this short series based on a PhD paper from Curtin University’s Dr Vanessa Rauland looks at the myriad opportunities available for decarbonising our cities, demonstrating the potential for urban development to dramatically assist in tackling climate change.

McDonald’s paves the way for sustainable beef

By Ian McConnel, WWF-Australia Sustainable Beef Coordinator

22 January 2014 — By March this year the Global Roundtable on Sustainable Beef, which includes representatives of all stages of the supply chain from producers to retailers, will propose a definition of sustainable beef based on six principles: people, communities, animal welfare, food safety, natural resources, and efficiency and innovation, writes Ian McConnel.

Bathurst Burr: let’s march out of step

By Michael Mobbs

22 January 2013 — In this provocative article, Michael Mobbs is… provocative… as usual. He says the urgent task now is to remove existing pollution from the Earth’s atmosphere, and that without doing so efforts to minimise future pollution are futile.

Jonathan Prendergast: little thanks for embedded generation

By Jonathan Prendergast, Prendergast Projects

20 January 2014 — Embedded generation has the potential to reduce peak energy demand during heatwaves, helping to increase security and reduce the need for costly grid upgrades. Is it fair, then, that it’s being slugged with huge network charges?

Romilly Madew: Is sustainability "women’s business"?

14 January 2014 – Late last year Amanda Steele, head of sustainability for CBRE, opened up major discussion with her article on women in the industry. Here is more on the topic from industry leader Romilly Madew, chief executive of the Green Building Council of Australia.

Is sustainability “women’s business”? Research from the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility in 2009, which found that 60 per cent of sustainability specialists are women, suggests this may be the case.

Bathurst Burr: Japan is us, I really think so

By Michael Mobbs 31 March – Australia – the country, its resources, Australians, me – if we ever we have a massive natural disaster or disruption as has occurred in Japan, we could be worse off than Japan. May I explain? Yes, the physical scale of the Japanese disaster, and the human scale, with many […]

The Elephant Series: Mindfulness Pattern No 11 – Self as example: Be seen being green

Part of a series, Walking with the Elephant, on mindfulness Problem Acting alone to improve behaviours can be discomforting if you appear too different: “Almost no-one in society doing it”; and can lead to frustration if you think others are not as equally caring. Further, nagging and lecturing may not be positive models to encourage […]

Elephant Series: No 2 – We don’t know it all, make best guesses then review

This continues our lessons, or patterns, on how to remain mindful to the task of sustainable development through personal action and change.  Our second Pattern, again developed in conjunction with a group of people who tried it and learnt from their experience, is on how to deal with the wealth of information, known and unknown, […]

Elephant series: keeping mindful to the task.

In a world that is as full of distractions as this one, how does one stay on-track, or mindful, of the important bits – particularly those that are, like sustainable behaviour, difficult, un-habitual and easy-to-avoid. Psychologists refer to the dilemma as a cognitive dissonance – the peculiar human ability to justify to ourselves the continuation […]

The Elephant is in the Room – now for the practice of sustainability (I)

We earlier considered the seeming paradox embedded in the joining of the two words: sustainable + development. How can there be both “development” (as generally understood as growth and enlargement) and “sustainability” (as generally understood as a steady state, or indeed reductions in consumption of resources)? The dilemma lies at the heart of the necessary […]

Walk With the Elephant – Sustainable development, fetish or articulation?

Third in the series of articles by Greg Paine In sustainable development, as in any field, there are practitioners and commentators.  Doers and theorists.  In many ways one cannot do without the other – best responses will always come when there is a partnership between thinking and doing in a process of practice, reflection on […]

The elephant series: No 1 – Getting to know sustainable development

By Greg Paine It’s on everyone’s lips. We can’t deny the imperative. And yet, like the elephant in the room, more often than not we ignore it. So what is this thing that is sustainable development? This series will explore the idea and the practice of sustainable development. It is necessarily an ongoing conversation. Add […]