The Elephant is in the Room – now for the practice of sustainability (I)

We earlier considered the seeming paradox embedded in the joining of the two words: sustainable + development. How can there be both “development” (as generally understood as growth and enlargement) and “sustainability” (as generally understood as a steady state, or indeed reductions in consumption of resources)? The dilemma lies at the heart of the necessary […]

Walk With the Elephant – Sustainable development, fetish or articulation?

Third in the series of articles by Greg Paine In sustainable development, as in any field, there are practitioners and commentators.  Doers and theorists.  In many ways one cannot do without the other – best responses will always come when there is a partnership between thinking and doing in a process of practice, reflection on […]

The elephant series: No 1 – Getting to know sustainable development

By Greg Paine It’s on everyone’s lips. We can’t deny the imperative. And yet, like the elephant in the room, more often than not we ignore it. So what is this thing that is sustainable development? This series will explore the idea and the practice of sustainable development. It is necessarily an ongoing conversation. Add […]