All-Energy Conference shows power is on the right side

All-Energy Conference: The All-Energy Conference in Melbourne this year was a beautiful indication of how far the industry has moved in just 12 months. The big crowd was positive, strong…

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Balanced principles key to energy solutions for Indigenous people

All-Energy Conference: Tracey Cooper of the Valley Centre brought a pause moment in the All-Energy Conference, bringing to the fore some views on energy from Indigenous people in Australia and other First Nations people she’s worked with.

Is VURB a loophole to avoid delivering energy-efficient homes?

An article in The Conversation earlier this week claimed the Verification Using a Reference Building method for energy efficiency compliance of detached residential dwellings was a “loophole” allowing builders to avoid complying with the six star standard.

How to bring the benefits of solar to renters

All-Energy Conference: A Sydney-based social enterprise has developed a model to unlock solar for renters in houses and apartments, providing access to much cheaper energy and, importantly, a return on investment for property owners.

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Demand response push shows government does believe in Paris

A new demand response trial will see tech firms, renewable storage firms and energy retailers collaborating on $35.7 million worth of projects delivering 200 megawatts of dispatchable energy capacity by 2020.

Queensland takes lead in renewables jobs boom

Queensland has overtaken NSW as the leading state for renewables jobs, with 20 large-scale projects underway in August creating jobs equal to employing 5203 people full time for a year, according to the latest Renewable Energy Index.