brick manufacturing

Zero emissions manufacturing sector: we’re not dreaming

As the world grapples with the findings of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report and its renewed emphasis of our need to rapidly decarbonise, talk will inevitably turn to the challenges of taking action and the merits of delaying the inevitable.

sodium-ion battery

Lithium-ion and new frontiers in energy battery storage

Demand for lithium-ion battery storage is still strong despite the dangers – and expense – of its component parts. Fortunately, there is a growing stable of storage alternatives that could see our dependence on lithium-ion taper off.

aged care, regis

Business case for sustainability in aged care

An aged care company’s reduced reliance on coal and other fossil fuels and increased reliance on renewable energy can have a positive economic impact while improving the health of our environment.

Annastacia Palaszczuk clean energy Queensland

Queensland joins Victoria in clean energy crusade

State and territory governments are leading the charge on the renewables transition while the Commonwealth is falling short. Latest news in the sector is the Queensland government’s launch of the state’s new publicly owned renewable energy generator last week.

vicinity centres solar

Vicinity’s rooftop solar portfolio hits $75 million

Vicinity Centres is pouring an extra $50 million into phase two of its rooftop solar program, which according the retail property management company will make it Australia’s largest-ever property solar program.

Victoria announces first microgrid consortium

A partnership between RMIT researchers, Moreland Energy Foundation, renewable energy services business, Ovida, and solar retailer Allume Energy has won a $980,000 grant from the Victorian government towards a trial of microgrids for multi-tenanted buildings.

neon city illustration hydrogen

Hydrogen heating for homes could be on the horizon

Although much of the buzz around renewable hydrogen is focused on cars and its money-making potential as an overseas export, in the short-to-medium term hydrogen could also be used for cooking, heating and cooling Australian homes.