On the rise of net zero pledges that aren’t quite good enough

News from the front desk, Issue 507: So, Australia is on an economic tear so that means there is nothing stopping sustainability, right? Out of our recent Building Circularity came some gems of insights into the urgent tasks to hand to reduce the carbon in our structures. And the immense ambition and possibilities opening up to […]

Jobs, jobs and jobs – lots of clean energy jobs + our pick of the jobs

There’s been several attempts to quantify the job-creating potential of a renewably powered Australia. There’s Beyond Zero Emissions’ Million Jobs Plan, the Climate Council’s Clean Leaders and Laggards report for clean energy jobs in Queensland and the Clean Energy Council’s A Clean Recovery that includes the job-creating potential of a clean energy recovery. Now the likelihood of these […]

The case for green hydrogen in existing gas-connected homes

Last week’s article on The Fifth Estate arguing that hydrogen for homes is a terrible idea needs correcting. Green hydrogen has a firm place in a zero carbon future. Its author, Gabriel Levy, is confining his argument against hydrogen to its domestic use. It will still be widely used by 2050 in industry and transport. […]

Sunbank Solar to improve solar trading with new plan

Here’s a plan to put the profit back into solar energy for consumers. Rising energy prices have continued to put pressure on everyday Australians, and Sunbank Solar has established  a new program in a bid to improve the trading power of solar owners across the east coast, South Australia and Tasmania. While many consumers jumped […]

Financing a net zero world

Around the world the impetus is growing for post Covid economic recovery strategies to focus on projects that reduce carbon emissions.
The collective power of investors has the potential to fast track the process.

FLICK THE SWITCH – event wrap

Government policy and regulation is vital for the creation of all electric buildings and a net zero future but there is plenty of room for the private sector to innovate and lead change, say the experts.

Flick the Switch! – the ebook

Flick the Switch is a guide to achieving Net Zero and all-electric buildings. It’s a wrap of our 2020 symposium on this topic plus deep-dive additional interviews and features on the people and topics that are driving change and helping the property industry head in the right direction. Nearly two dozen panellists and speakers generously […]

Audrey Zibelman leaves AEMO for something even bigger

CLEAN ENERGY: Delegates at the Global Smart Energy Summit this week got a chance to hear some of the final words and thoughts from departing chief executive of the Australian Energy Market Operator Audrey Zibelman who announced this week she was heading to a leadership role at Google in its X “moonshot division”. A key […]

ACT’s all-electric revolution is shaking up the system

FLICK THE SWITCH: In the Australian Capital Territory, developers are paying new home owners $10,000 not to connect to the gas grid that’s in the street. Why? Read the sneak peek to Flick the Switch ebook, coming very soon. A big change in thinking and a small change to legislation have paved the way for […]

Australia’s post-virus recovery, and the need for seasonal storage

Sustainability expert Alan Pears sets out key recovery priorities for a post-Covid economy. Also: the need (or lack thereof) for seasonal storage, and the problem of our ageing data resources. There is a widening gulf between the Australian government’s economic recovery plan and an ever increasing number of studies. Internationally, the International Energy Agency, United […]

Hobsons Bay rolls out first virtual power plant

Hobsons Bay City Council has taken a big step towards its net zero carbon ambitions with a large-scale roll out of its Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and the installation of new solar panels across more than 40 council-owned buildings.

The thermal energy brick that promises to end our grid stability woes

Storage remains the pain point in the renewables transition so it’s no surprise a cheap, clean and scalable energy storage technology invented by Australian scientists is attracting attention. Researchers from the University of Newcastle have been developing the energy storage technology called “miscibility gap alloy” for nine years and are now scaling it up for […]

Haystack solar garden could spur a solar gardening revolution in Australia

Community solar group Pingala has teamed up with the Community Power Agency and Komo Energy on Australia’s first major offsite solar garden project. And there could be more if we can overcome the financial hurdles such as lumping solar co-operatives in with corporate investment schemes. Common in the US and parts of Europe, solar gardens […]