Large-scale solar isn’t warming all farming hearts

There’s a battle brewing in the bush not only around water – or lack thereof – but around solar, and whether it has any business taking over farmland.

ACT – a renewable energy trailblazer and among global leaders

The Australian Capital Territory will likely meet its 100 per cent renewable electricity target ahead of its own deadline of 1 January, 2020, according to a new report released by the Australia Institute.

Guide to corporate renewable energy power purchase agreements

New guides on power purchase agreements, templates and roadmaps have been released by the Business Renewables Centre. Here is why they’re timely.

Property owners ready to do more – so what’s the hold up?

Property owners are ready to do more with sustainability, from expanding the CBD disclosure program to sectors outside of offices to carbon positive buildings. Behind them is a tsunami of investment trends and tenant preferences all pushing in the same direction. So what’s the hold up? According to national program manager for CitySwitch, Esther Bailey, […]

Sunshine Plaza’s time in the sun

Sunshine Plaza in Melbourne’s west has completed a large rooftop solar array that will not only lower carbon emissions but also shield tenants from rising electricity prices.

Alloys, lignin and gravity – energy storage is getting interesting

Lithium batteries made headlines again recently for all the wrong reasons when the battery on a Sydney woman’s e-bike exploded and burned the house down. This of course set off the climate-denial crowd with a bunch of hysteria, because they apparently can’t tell the difference between one faulty product and an entire class of technology. […]

Regis Aged Care joins solar and LED boom

With an ageing population, it’s good news that more of the major aged care providers are starting to take sustainability seriously.

South Australia’s SIMEC Energy Australia in growth mode

UPDATED: British billionaire Sanjeev Gupta’s South Australian interests show no sign of slowing with programs ranging from renewable energy for his company SIMEC’S mining and Liberty OneSteel’s operations, huge solar farms, pumped hydro to low cost solar for social housing tenants and the state government’s home battery scheme. Two of these projects are expected to […]

Target zero emissions and fair accounting for renewable energy

CONTRIBUTOR: Switching to 100 per cent renewable electricity is the single biggest step most organisations can take towards achieving zero emissions. Renewable electricity can either be generated on-site or delivered through the grid and in either case robust accounting is necessary to support claims of zero emissions, avoiding double-counting and ensuring customers of GreenPower or […]

Meet Bloomberg NEF’s new energy pioneers

Innovations in AI, IoT and cybersecurity to make electricity systems and industrial processes more efficient, flexible, clean and secure dominated Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s summit in New York.

ICG secures CEFC’s biggest-ever renewables equity investment 

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has committed its largest ever equity investment to the Australian Renewables Income Fund (ARIF) in order to attract more institutional investors to the fast-growing sector.

Dexus signs up to seven years of Snowy Hydro energy

Snowy Hydro-owned Red Energy will provide off-site renewable energy to more than 40 Dexus buildings in New South Wales through a new deal signed today (Thursday).

Behaviour rises up the ranks of efficiency trends

Human nature and behaviour patterns are increasingly coming to the fore in managing energy efficiency for commercial buildings in particular. Now Johnson Controls has released a report showing it’s a rising trend.

Aged Care portfolio on solar and LED blitz

One of Australia’s biggest energy efficiency programs in the energy-intensive aged care sector is underway, with Verdia outfitting 54 Opal Aged Care properties on the easter seaboard with LED lights and solar panels.

Zero emissions manufacturing sector: we’re not dreaming

As the world grapples with the findings of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report and its renewed emphasis of our need to rapidly decarbonise, talk will inevitably turn to the challenges of taking action and the merits of delaying the inevitable.