business bill shock

Bill shock powers a renewables rush

Almost half of Australian businesses are investing in renewable energy to beat rising power costs and reduce their carbon emissions, according to a new report from the Climate Council.

Sydney Markets installs record-setting solar system

Sydney Markets has switched on what it claims will be Australia’s largest private sector rooftop solar system – 8594 solar panels on a single site, with a capacity of over three megawatts.

free solar Australia

Developers are quickly realising the marketing power of free solar

South Australia’s plan to install 50,000 solar and battery systems free of charge, announced this week, has been labelled groundbreaking, and is a firm PR win for the state government ahead of what looks likely to be a difficult election in March.


Ecosave growth goals surpassed as energy prices escalate

In just one year Ecosave has surpassed its own growth goals in the vast energy efficiency market unfolding at the upper end of the institutional and manufacturing property portfolios, thanks to fiercely rising prices in the sector.

Study to find what makes people power down

A new demand response pilot program in Melbourne aims to answer one of the big questions about energy – what motivates people to reduce consumption?

Ivanhoe Estate will aim for carbon neutral

Why carbon neutral makes sense for Frasers

Carbon neutral energy for residential developments is the backbone that kickstarted Frasers Property Australia’s recent certification as a carbon neutral organisation under the federal government National Carbon Offset Standard scheme.