Hobsons Bay rolls out first virtual power plant

Hobsons Bay City Council has taken a big step towards its net zero carbon ambitions with a large-scale roll out of its Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and the installation of new solar panels across more than 40 council-owned buildings.

Carbon’s capture is not of emissions but the political status quo

Carbon capture and storage technology as an emissions reduction strategy is like slapping a band-aid over the fossil fuels industry – a last ditch attempt to keep coal-fired generation alive.

Yes, Mr Cummings, energy efficiency is boring – if you have a one inch deep mind

The evil gnome who has taken up permanent residence on the shoulder of British prime minister Boris Johnson and whispers dark instructions into his ears, last week pronounced energy efficiency as “boring“. His name is demonic comings. I’m sorry, that was a mistaken auto-correction by my dictation software; it should have read Dominic Cummings, who […]

Government must connect to a renewable future

Federal energy minister Angus Taylor has finally called the Council of Australian Governments Energy Council meeting this weekend. Let’s hope the meeting is not in vain.

CSIRO seeking massive PPA provider

CSIRO is accelerating towards a zero carbon economy, announcing it’s move towards 100 per cent renewable energy for all its sites across NSW, Victoria and the ACT.

Alan Pears on the baby steps towards overcoming governance failures in the building sector

It has taken something dramatic like burning building cladding to focus governments on the chronic failings of our building industry when it comes to key aspects of public interest. It is going to take billions of dollars to fix this, while the victims will suffer traumatic dislocation. Taxpayers and victims will end up paying most […]

What solar rebates are worth and who’s offering what

SOLAR ENERGY REBATES REPORT: Politicians are latching on to the vote-winning potential of incentives for solar energy. So what’s on offer now in NSW and federally, and what’s the state of play in the solar market? We talk to Adelaide based solar expert and founder of SolarQuotes, Finn Peacock.

NSW grants to help councils combat climate change

NSW councils can now apply for grants to plant trees, put up shade clothes and install water-misting systems in public places under the state government’s new $3.5 million grant program.

Queensland joins Victoria in clean energy crusade

State and territory governments are leading the charge on the renewables transition while the Commonwealth is falling short. Latest news in the sector is the Queensland government’s launch of the state’s new publicly owned renewable energy generator last week.

Victoria announces first microgrid consortium

A partnership between RMIT researchers, Moreland Energy Foundation, renewable energy services business, Ovida, and solar retailer Allume Energy has won a $980,000 grant from the Victorian government towards a trial of microgrids for multi-tenanted buildings.