Ninety per cent of Australian consumers want sustainable products

Nine in 10 Australian consumers are more likely to purchase ethical and sustainable products according to a new research, with the survey also revealing that 85 per cent of consumers want retailers and brands to be more transparent about the sustainability of their products.

Cows are so much happier now they’re less popular

Beef is a notoriously not very good for the planet. It produces nearly double the amounts of carbon compared with small ruminants such as goats or sheep. The good news is its consumptions is dropping. Get ready for more food to taste like chicken because the meat industry is getting a major shakeup. Global meat […]

Why livestock investments are starting to look shaky

Goldman Sachs is warning investors away from livestock, with going as far as to label livestock as one of the most precarious investments alongside oil. Why? Global investor network FAIRR a London based outfit that raises awareness of the material ESG risks and opportunities caused by intensive livestock production has released a new report that […]

On Kangaroo Island and elsewhere, beware the lure of the luxury ecotourist

round Australia, and the world, national parks are under threat from the curious paradox of luxury tourism, which demands development in protected wilderness areas to cater for those who want to enjoy the natural environment without any interruption of their lifestyle.

Overtourism puts ecotourism on the map

The unthinking tourist might be a thing of the past if people such as Rod Hillman continue to drive change.

Hotels start to take sustainability seriously

Some of the biggest operators in the hotel sector are getting serious about sustainability, not only because it can save serious money, but because it’s proving a magnet for green-minded guests.

A green and happy holiday? You can have it all

When you’re on holiday, relaxing on a beach or soaking up a vibrant city’s culture, the last thing you want to think about is your responsibility to the planet.

Sustainable House Day – our wrap for Sunday

Here are all the articles we’ve written to give you the best insight into Sustainable House Day this year: How to develop a community, not just dwellings – Two Perth couples are demonstrating a new way of developing medium density housing that combines sustainability with creating a genuine sense of community. Affordable meets sustainable for Tassie […]

How to make old houses energy-efficient

A 100-year old Victorian cottage in Albert Park with terrible thermal and energy performance is now achieving six star NatHERS and high air tightness following renovation and extension.

Great results for Wattblock in strata energy project

Existing technology has the potential to achieve 45 per cent savings or more on energy bills and a 70 per cent reduction in carbon emissions in residential apartments, according to a pilot program for the City of Sydney, conducted by Wattblock.

Crown Resorts sustainability efforts deliver the goods

International tourism operator Crown Resorts has put a strong focus on sustainability at its major Melbourne and Perth sites, achieving major reductions in carbon emissions, increased energy efficiency, reduced water use and reduced waste to landfill.

Property owners jumping into EVs but more is needed

Australian property landlords are part of the rush to install charging stations for electric vehicles but according to a coalition of related industries, a lot more needs to be done to ensure EVs can meet their potential to help reduce emissions by nearly half by 2050. EV infrastructure in general is already taking shape around […]

Beyond the coconut line – a unique experience in Arnhem Land

I’ve signed up for a week’s tour in remote Arnhem Land. It’s a women’s group, run through Lirrwi Tourism. We are to visit two Aboriginal communities learning something of their culture, perhaps sharing in some secret women’s business and bush medicine.

Learning the spirit of the land

Randy Yibarbuk is a designated future elder of his clan in the Yolgnu nation in west Arnhem Land.

New energy app helps reduce power bills by 18 per cent

Brisbane City Council’s sustainability agency CitySmart has announced that its trial of a new interactive app has helped low-income residents reduce their power bills by more than 18 per cent.

Greens launch app to improve cycling safety

The Greens have launched a new mobile app that aims to make cycling safer by highlighting “chronic underinvestment” in cycling infrastructure.

Special Report: How hotels are going green

More travellers, particularly corporate travel groups, are looking for sustainability credentials when they book a place to stay. This, along with reducing high running costs, is driving an increasing number of hotel operators to implement initiatives ranging from energy-efficiency to greener purchasing policies. “The expectations of the global consumer market have now changed. Travellers now […]

Energy retailers and a special kind of fury

There’s a special kind of fury reserved for Australian energy retailers. It’s the kind of anger caused by being told one thing at the beginning of a painstaking 30 minute phone call, only to find 25 minutes in, that thing you were told has been completely contradicted by some hidden fee. Repeat this a few […]