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Affordable, responsible eco-luxury in Tasmania

The Fifth Estate reader Sarah-Jane Sherwood recently visited Tasmania’s Forest Walks Lodge and discovered a resort that aspires to responsible, sustainable, luxury complete with Trombe walls that absorb the sun’s…

Responsible Tourism: Phuket challenge

Phuket is Thailand’s most popular beach resort, attracting almost five million visitors a year. The resort rightly has a reputation for mass tourism with both the benefits and the ills…

The new megatrend in sustainable practice

By Emma Parry

31 January 2013 – Eco-tourism and responsible travel are the new mega trends of the decade. In this first of a new column, Emma Parry, provides a look at the major hotel and resort operators who are taking steps to reduce their impact, and why.

Dexus women in Nepal campaign

22 December 2010 – DEXUS has put together a team to help Habitat for Humanity to fund a new campaign for 100 Australian women to travel to Nepal and help…