Responsible Tourism

Skyrail scores global kudos for being green

By Willow Aliento

5 February 2014 — Skyrail Rainforest Cableway at Cairns has been recognised for achieving world’s best practice in sustainable tourism, with the World Travel and Tourism Council selecting the high-flying forest adventure as one of three finalists in the Environment Award category of the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards.

A hunt for sustainable tourism in NSW

As a Sydney-sider, I adore skirmishes around our beautiful countryside in NSW. I marvel at the fact that I can be in the bush within an hour on a Friday night, after work.

What I have found disappointing, however, is the lack of sustainable travel options available to me. I have a policy that I will only stay at responsible venues when I travel for pleasure.

Green megatrends for hospitality and tourism

  A current megatrend in the hospitality and tourism sector is “going green”. More and more pressure is being applied to businesses to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.…

Affordable, responsible eco-luxury in Tasmania

The Fifth Estate reader Sarah-Jane Sherwood recently visited Tasmania’s Forest Walks Lodge and discovered a resort that aspires to responsible, sustainable, luxury complete with Trombe walls that absorb the sun’s…

Responsible Tourism: Phuket challenge

Phuket is Thailand’s most popular beach resort, attracting almost five million visitors a year. The resort rightly has a reputation for mass tourism with both the benefits and the ills…

The new megatrend in sustainable practice

By Emma Parry

31 January 2013 – Eco-tourism and responsible travel are the new mega trends of the decade. In this first of a new column, Emma Parry, provides a look at the major hotel and resort operators who are taking steps to reduce their impact, and why.

Dexus women in Nepal campaign

22 December 2010 – DEXUS has put together a team to help Habitat for Humanity to fund a new campaign for 100 Australian women to travel to Nepal and help…