House hunters are rarely told the home energy rating – little wonder the average is as low as 1.8 stars

Most Australian homes have been built to notoriously poor standards. The energy performance of existing homes in Victoria, for instance, averages 1.8 stars – 6 stars is mandatory for newly built homes under the 10-star Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NaTHERS). Decision-makers typically fail to appreciate the importance of a low star rating, even though […]

How access to land plus a participation income could change the world

We’ve spent enough time criticising our broken system characterised by overconsumption and inequality so here’s a solution that should appeal to both sides of the political divide.

Affordable housing – some small moves to fix a big problem

OXYGEN FILES: Australia is in the midst of a housing crisis and although affordable housing is generally considered a state and federal concern, local governments are now stepping up the plate.

NHFIC goes big with its first social bond

The federal government’s National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation claims to have issued the largest social bond in Australia.

Ways to keep cool without costing the planet Part 1: Passive cooling

With the planet warming, every effort must be made to keep cool without increasing climate change. This is a real problem: the amount of energy used for cooling buildings has doubled worldwide since 2000, from 1000 TWh to 1944 TWh (that’s almost two-thirds the entire electricity production of Europe in 2016), making it the fastest […]

Landcom announces new affordable housing project at Penrith

Landcom on Thursday announced the official opening of the Harts Landing affordable housing project at its Thornton development at Penrith, west of Sydney. The project is a collaboration between Evolve Housing and Payce for 268 apartments with half – 134 apartments – earmarked as affordable, including 10 for Aboriginal housing and some to cater for […]

AHURI research twisted to support negative gearing

The Property Council of Australia has used new research by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) to argue that negative gearing is not responsible for high home prices.

We need to talk about really affordable housing and real wages for real people

Isn’t it fascinating how developers spruiking affordable housing credentials talk about “key workers” and name-drop nurses, police, teachers, firemen and other professions that have an air of nobility and greater social good about them? Not to dispute the social good of these professions, but there’s a whole bunch of people who keep a city running […]

You’re invited: Our Flash Forum – “We need to make housing affordable again, Mr Treasurer”

Flash Forum on Housing Affordability Moderator: Rob Harley, former property editor, AFR Panellists: Grattan Institute CEO John Daley Urbis chief economist Nicki Hutley Folkestone Head of Funds Management and the Treasurer’s appointment to the AHURI board Adrian Harrington  SQM Research founder Louis Christopher will provide a quick state of the market report When: Tuesday, 2 May, […]

Federal Treasurer’s Address on Housing Affordability

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison on Monday gave a seminal address on housing affordability to more than 200 people at an Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute event at the State Library in Melbourne. Following is the full transcript of his address, which is replete with extensive data on the state of housing affordability in Australia. […]

Housing crisis: property industry finds some solutions but how well do they work

Pop-up youth shelters in empty hotels. Portable homes on vacant land set aside for roads. Innovative solutions are appearing to tackle the affordable housing crisis in Sydney and Melbourne. But do they work and how well do they work? Should we be opening up additional buildings and land across our cities? Or should we be […]

PwC calls for planning amendment to enable more affordable housing

Professional services firm PwC has entered the affordable housing fray, suggesting a “simple but potentially profound” solution that would allow for the increased densification of low density areas while providing additional affordable rental units for Sydney. Its Affordable Housing Initiative proposes an amendment to the NSW planning rules that would allow multi-dwelling housing in R2 […]

Cape Paterson eco project: how to turn a passion into reality

HOUSING: Brendan Condon had a passion to create a new eco-development on Victoria’s Bass Coast that targets high sustainability and community outcomes. Finding Danny Almagor and Berry Liberman’s company Small Giants as a backer is finally turning that passion into reality. Brendan Condon had worked for developers restoring wetlands, rivers and creeks for major estates. […]

Nightingale from a builder’s perspective

HOUSING: Cross laminated timber will be an exciting progression in the Nightingale Model’s triple-bottom-line approach to developing inner-city housing, according to the builder of Nightingale 1.0, which celebrate a traditional topping out ceremony on Friday. Managing director of Project Group Michael Robertson, said he was working with architect Andrew Maynard on Nightingale 3.0, which will […]

Study shows low-bill low-carbon homes are an affordable proposition

Housing lobby groups are always quick to claim that more sustainable housing harms affordability. But developers of The Cape in regional Victoria, say their project proves they are wrong. Additional costs are marginal, at most, with short term paybacks for owners. Analysis by the Alternative Technology Association for developer Brendan Condon showed that the price […]

It’s no whim: why wood really is better for building

Nature-connected design is the key to making offices less stressful, hospital stays shorter and children better learners, according to a new report released today (Tuesday) by Planet Ark. It points out the benefits of using timbers and biophilic design to attract higher rents and building values due to improvements in indoor environmental quality, and bottom-line […]

Calls to abolish stamp duty for first home buyers in Queensland

Planning Institute of Australia Planning Institute of Australia, Queensland Division calls on the Queensland Government to follow Victoria’s lead in providing stamp duty relief for new home buyers. Housing and housing affordability will no doubt be a key issue at the next state election. “It is essential that whoever forms government embraces polices to promote […]