Biochar derived from wood waste

Wood waste could find new home in concrete

Biochar derived from wood waste could make concrete buildings 20 per cent stronger and 50 per cent more impermeable to water, according to new research out of the National University of Singapore.

Chill out. A slightly warmer office won’t make it too hot to think

If you’re reading this article in your office, chances are the air conditioning is set to around 22°C. Setting the temperature to 25°C could cut your office’s daily air-conditioning energy consumption by 18%, drive down electricity bills and help save the planet.

Tiny house movement becoming a bigger player

Big Tiny, Tiny Footprint, Tiny House2Go, Tiny Consulting, Tiny Go Lightly. The names are too cute to be true but according to Jan Stewart, cofounder of Tiny Non-profit, an advocacy group for tiny homes in Australia, there’s a small industry of tiny home builders springing up around Australia.